Stylishly Simple Black Gothic Dresser

It’s actually meant for changing your goth baby’s black-as-night diapers!

Ok, I don’t know why I like this product! It’s a black bedroom gothic dresser… no really, that’s all it is! But I thought it would be a great way to add some simple Goth vibe to the average home.

As far as bedroom dressers go, this black Gothic dresser is quite the addition to any goth bedroom. I believe that area on top is perfect for dealing with your dark-hearted little newborn… and all that darkness emanating from within her evil bowels! Finally, here is a changing table that won’t ruin the dark ambiance you strive to maintain through the years.

And for all you goth ladies who haven’t been bitten by the baby bug just yet, this thing features three vertically-deep drawers and a sizable side cabinet too. That’s plenty of storage so even if you don’t have an evil little darling you can use this thing to display all your gruesome Gothic items on top or at least store some of them away if you don’t want your guests to see.

Give your goth nursery the style it so desperately needs! This black Gothic dresser needs a home and you are more than capable… Click below and live Gothic today!

P.S. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so make sure to get something that's perfect for what you need!