Human Skull For Sale: 5 Carved Replicas (one of them is REAL!)

Looking for a human skull for sale online? Well, so was I and look what I found for all of you Gothic Decor kids out there! These carved replica human skulls were carved by Zane Wylie and were cast in museum quality resin by Chris Erney and they are just absolutely beautiful. Check them out and literally take your pick because they’re all gorgeous:

IN A RUSH? ...Here Are Our Favorite Picks:

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What’s better than a pint of Guinness in the morning and a bar fight before bedtime? Why this Celtic Warrior Carved Human Skull Replica is of course! Celebrate your Irish heritage and display this awesome item proudly. It’s the perfect match for your St. Patrick’s Day hangover!

Real Human Skull Replica Carved By Zane Wylie and Cast By Chris Erney - Celtic Warrior

Jesus! Look at the detail on these things…


“ARRRRRR mi maytees, where be the vodka?!” Well, that’s the closest guess I think most of us could come up with… what exactly did Russian pirates do back in the day, let alone say to each other?? This design is probably the most detailed of all of the ones featured here and that’s saying a lot. The carvings are patterned in a maritime or nautical theme and they look sick to say the least. Needless to say, this is WAAAAY cooler than the usual Russian stacking doll.

Real Human Skull Replica Carved By Zane Wylie and Cast By Chris Erney - Russian Sea Captain

“ARRRR where’s mi body?!”


Okay this one is EASILY my favorite! Templar knight carvings? With real-life Masonic significance embedded in the fine detail? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I love it already and I need one today! I love the carvings and if they bring me any closer to understanding freemason secrets then you have to sign me up. Best of all, the carvings on the back totally flash me back to Indiana Jones‘ Last Crusade! “INDIE?! You named yourself after the dog??”

Real Human Skull Replica Carved By Zane Wylie and Cast By Chris Erney - Templar Knight Skull - Knights Templar Skull Mason

How could anyone NOT want this???? Just look at this f*cking beast!!! #sickkkkk


Hmm… this thing looks like a strange and disturbing sign of adoration for the great Seattle Coffee brand, Starbucks! But it’s still blowin’ my mind! Adorned with Celtic knot and mermaid designs, this is probably the nicest-shaped skull of the lot. I don’t know why that is. The teeth jut out a bit and this skull in particular looks fiercer than the others somehow. Well, how would you try to look if you had a gruesome version of the Starbucks logo carved on your face?? Pretty badass I bet.

Real Human Skull Replica Carved By Zane Wylie and Cast By Chris Erney - Mermaid Queen

“I’ll have one tall caramel macchiato please! And don’t forget to hold the marrow!”


So perhaps you came here looking for the real deal? Maybe a carved replica human skull for sale isn’t your thing and you need something KVLT and TR00?? Well, Zane Wylie means business when he carves these things cause he actually put one of the original ones on sale! That’s right, a real-life human skull for sale and it’s several times as cool as the replicas above… several times as expensive too! But come on, you’re practically paying for art at this point so why not, right? Check this out:

Fine Handmade Kapala Carved Resin Replica 1:1 Human Skull Tibetan Buddhism Buddha Pattern OD06

skull just got REAL!

Suddenly that Starbucks logo looks a lot meaner than it did when I started writing this article!

So what are you waiting for? Click through any of the links to see more details and pics. Then literally take your pick and give one of these bad boys a home. Take the plunge and live Gothic today!

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