9 Unique Bookends for the Bookworm Goth

UPDATED: OK, due to the unforgiving CLAMORING of all you goth bookworms out there, I’ve decided to do a little more work and graduate this post to a full-fledged Gothic bookend list. I get it already, you guys want more super unique bookends for all your awesome Gothic classics. So here they are in all their … Read more

Gargoyle Statues

Our Top Recommendation JUMP TO A SECTION… Our Top RecommendationGargoyle Statue #1: Chained Cathedral GargoyleGargoyle Statue #2: Double Trouble Hanging GargoyleGargoyle Statue #3: Oscar The Gargoyle with Attitude StatueGargoyle Statue #4: Legend of the Cambridge Hopping GargoyleGargoyle Statue #5: Boden Sentinel Gargoyle StatueGargoyle Statue #6: Scatheus Guardian of the Shadows GargoyleGargoyle Statue #7: Whisper The … Read more

4 Awesome Steampunk Jewelry Box Models Available Online

OK these aren’t exactly Gothic! They’re not really exactly spooky either… but anything steampunk still looks awesome! So I decided to go ahead and write a quick feature on these awesome steampunk jewelry box models that you can buy online. You can rest assured that the nuclear fallout has nothing on these awesome steampunk jewelry … Read more

Gothic and Medieval Chess Sets Round-Up

UPDATE: Ok so the original awesome Medieval chess set we featured in this post has seen better days… It’s apparently sold out! Never fear though, Gothic Decor has gone the extra mile, just for you! Here are more awesome Medieval chess sets that blew our minds. The older one is frickin’ gorgeous! Trounce your mortal enemies at … Read more

Human Skull For Sale: 5 Carved Replicas (one of them is REAL!)

Looking for a human skull for sale online? Well, so was I and look what I found for all of you Gothic Decor kids out there! These carved replica human skulls were carved by Zane Wylie and were cast in museum quality resin by Chris Erney and they are just absolutely beautiful. Check them out and literally … Read more

Stylishly Simple Black Gothic Dresser

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___It’s actually meant for changing your goth baby’s black-as-night diapers! Ok, I don’t know why I like this product! It’s a black bedroom gothic dresser… no really, that’s all it is! But I thought it would be a great way to add some simple Goth vibe to the average home. As far as bedroom dressers go, this … Read more

The Nicodemus Coffin Bed

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___Sleep like the undead in this super comfy coffin bed! Have you ever found yourself looking at coffins for sale and then start to get a bit sleepy? Worry not my vampiric friend for there is more to life than just the succulent taste of warm, living human blood; and what I do mean is a … Read more

Gruesome Zombie Gnomes

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___Miles “Face Be Gone” Grundlebest BOOM! This item was just so awesome that we couldn’t pass it up. I know by now the whole zombie thing is becoming super-saturated… I mean World War Z was a MAJOR disappointment. Walking Dead? It’s TOTALLY butchered the awesome comic that spawned it and with every episode it slips further … Read more

Awesome Cathedral Arched Gothic Mirror

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___OOH! This is just splendid… Who loves beautiful arched mirrors? Cool mirrors? A Gothic mirror perhaps? I DO! This cathedral arched Gothic mirror has got the perfect look for your Gothic bedroom, bathroom, and actually anywhere in your awesome house. Just look at the stunning weathered look and how those cool hanging lanterns add to the vibe! I … Read more

Gothic Sanctuary Gothic Chest of Drawers

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___This Gothic Sanctuary Gothic chest of drawers will add a vintage Transylvanian vibe to any old bedroom! It’s perfect if your looking for an antique drawer chest or small dresser. Plus, it will go perfect with the Gothic End Table we featured some time ago. It’s a Gothic chest of drawers and table set! I love that the finish … Read more