Super-Detailed Raven Statue Plaque

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___Nevermore?! Bring the foul stench of carrion to your humble Gothic abode with this a brand new 18 inch raven statue! This thing is over a foot long and is simply irresistible to any discerning goth. It fastens to your wall and right away elevates any room’s creepy level! This is simply killer! Look at the details … Read more

Awesome Hanging Bats of Castle Barbarosa

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___Add some spooky style to your patio or bedroom wall with these sick hanging bats! You get not only one, but two crazy-looking decorative hanging bats to bring a dismal atmosphere to any setting. These cool hanging bats are vampire bats of Castle Barbarosa! They are intricately detailed and have all these awesome veins and blood … Read more

Hanging Bat Key Holder Wall Sculpture

Looking for some cool and creepy wall art? Check out this awesome hanging bat key holder wall sculpture and bring out the worst in your kitchen of doom! Scare off all sorts of key thieves with the threat of eternal blood lust and put an end to lost keys once and for all! I actually … Read more

Gothic Novelty Doormat: Welcome to the Dark Side!

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___Show your guests that home is where you dark heart is! The Welcome to the Darkside Gothic novelty doormat will certainly discourage any of your unwanted happier visitors from making themselves welcome. Who needs them anyway?! You gotta love the old English lettering and the little pentagram at the bottom… but surrounded by stencil art??hehehe… Well, … Read more