Iron Serpent Dragon Door Knocker Bell

KNOCK! KNOCK! Who’s there?! What’s better than a brand new dragon door knocker? A dragon doorbell! You’ll never need to listen for a second knock just to be sure if someone is there or not. That familiar DING-DING-DING is unmistakable!

A perfect item for any self-respecting dungeon keeper, this Iron Serpent Dragon Door Knocker Bell fastens easily to your front porch area and will also give your humble abode a cool medieval vibe. The sheer sight of it will shoo away the bravest of adventurers!

Everyone loves Game of Thrones these days and this dragon door knocker bell will totally give your house a Daenerys Targaryen feel! Certainly perfect for breaking the ice with a surprise visitor or an uninvited taxman! And to be honest, the average dragon door knocker without a bell will always leave you in a constant fervor rushing for the front door because you “thought you heard something”. The high-pitch dinging of this dragon door knocker bell will be heard from across your home, even if your asleep and hungover in bed! Sure, that’s annoying as hell but when you’ve got company, you’ve got company! GET UP! DING-DING-DING!

Don’t waste anymore time! Grab this dragon door knocker bell now and live Gothic today!