Emmett the Garden Gargoyle Statue

Design Toscano Emmett the Gargoyle Sculpture: Small

Give this adorable gargoyle statue a place to call his own! Your very own unlikely guardian, Emmett the Gargoyle statue will ward off any intruding spirits and possibly a couple of unwanted neighbors as well. The privacy alone is well worth the price of admission!

This friendly-looking garden gargoyle statue is the perfect addition to your yard due to his obviously pleasant demeanor! Onlookers will say, “why, isn’t that the nicest looking… hmm, it’s a gargoyle! I didn’t know they could look so nice. The person in this house is someone I can actually respect and treat as an equal!” You see that?? Emmett allows you to earn their trust by going a bit mainstream, all while staying true to your terrible Goth sensibilities. It’s the perfect ruse!

Seriously though, this garden gargoyle statue looks great! I love the details in his hands and feet and he really does give off a “sit back and relax, man! I got this…” kind of vibe. And his facial details are rendered just as well!

Order him now and you could have him protecting your home by the end of the week. So go ahead and take the plunge… live Gothic today!