St. Thomas Aquinas Gothic Book Stand

Design Toscano St. Thomas Aquinas Gothic Decor Wooden Bookstand Library Display Stand, 43 Inch, Hardwood, Walnut Finish

OK this Gothic book stand isn’t black or covered in blood or made of thorns and razor blades… Have some class people! Not everything has to be BLATANTLY DARK AND BROODING. Subtlety may be lost on some Goths out there but not I! So that’s why you’re looking at this beautiful medieval-inspired piece instead (See it still looks like it’s from the dark ages and all that). And even though it’s not as dismal as our usual items, this is an awesome specimen nonetheless!

This beautiful St. Thomas Aquinas Gothic book stand is hand-crafted from hardwood and is adorned with Gothic-patterned fretwork. The sheer detail will add a certain vintage Gothic style to your favorite book deposit or will make a wonderful display shelf for all the smaller items you may have cluttered around your keep. You can display your favorite hard cover on the top and fill all the other shelf space with other Gothic oddities!

So what would I keep on this Gothic book stand? That’s easy! Of course adorned on top would be my custom bovine-skinned edition (that’s a goth-y way of saying “leather” for all of you nitwits out there) of the Necronomicon, and I’d probably set a few candles at the sides for some ambient night-reading. Then below that would be one of the awesome carved human skulls we featured recently and maybe at the bottom I’d put some of my favorite Young Adult Paranormal picks!

The last shelf in the middle would be a picture of my dumb mother-in-law who’s always cramping my style! Just over the holidays she totally embarrassed me in front of the fam and shot me down when I was talking to the wifey about my whole plan of world domination through this very site! It really gets my goat but she’ll totally see the folly of her judgments when I make it INTERNETZ BIG someday soon… but anyways, I hope that’s given you some inspiration of sorts!

So check out this cool Gothic book stand by click through below and live Gothic today!

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