Awesomely Weathered Gothic End Table

Design Toscano Gothic Sanctuary End Table

This find is just beautiful! Come home at the end of a long day and feast your eyes on this Gothic Sanctuary Gothic end table! Adorned with hand-finished Gothic cross embellishments, this lovely piece will be the talk of the dungeon. Get one today and place your OWN carved skull on top!

OK this Gothic Sanctuary series is rather nice! The color of this Gothic end table is very neutral and will blend naturally with almost any room color you may have in mind. Additionally, the finish and the cross embellishments actually match perfectly with the Gothic Sanctuary Chest of Drawers we featured so it would be safe to consider them a set.

This small package also packs a surprising amount of storage! It may not seem as big from the outside but the interior space is surprisingly large. So, that’s a good thing for sure… more space for your other Gothic collectibles and rarities!

So don’t hesitate to click below and give this item a little bit of your time! Take a gander and live Gothic today with a brand new Gothic end table!