Gothic Novelty Doormat: Welcome to the Dark Side!

Welcome To The Dark Side - Doormat / Floor Mat (Size: 24' x 16')

Show your guests that home is where you dark heart is! The Welcome to the Darkside Gothic novelty doormat will certainly discourage any of your unwanted happier visitors from making themselves welcome. Who needs them anyway?!

You gotta love the old English lettering and the little pentagram at the bottom… but surrounded by stencil art??hehehe… Well, it’s still funny if you ask me. How often do you see funny doormats these days, let alone a Gothic novelty doormat? That’s right, you just don’t!

This Gothic novelty doormat is perfect for your Gothic college apartment or even a tall jet black house in the suburbs. Set it out for people to see as they walk up to your front door and wait for your friends to react!

In retrospect though, I think it’s good that they put a pentagram and an old English typeface on it. Otherwise the Star Wars reference would be just a bit TOO obvious. But who cares about frickin’ Star Wars?! This is Gothic life! Live it now… with no regrets! #YOLG (You Only Live Gothic)

So click below and nab yourself a Gothic novelty doormat! Check it out and live gothic today!