Gruesome Zombie Gnomes

Design Toscano CL6565 Zombie Gnombie Gothic Decor Garden Gnome Graveyard Statue, 11 Inch, Full Color

Miles “Face Be Gone” Grundlebest

BOOM! This item was just so awesome that we couldn’t pass it up. I know by now the whole zombie thing is becoming super-saturated… I mean World War Z was a MAJOR disappointment. Walking Dead? It’s TOTALLY butchered the awesome comic that spawned it and with every episode it slips further and further away from redemption! Well, in my eyes it does. But DAMN, SON! Who wouldn’t want to see this beautiful specimen of zombie gnome on their front lawn?!

A healthy batch of zombie gnomes will darken any landscape right off the bat. Hide them in the bushes or place a few by the mailbox or in the garden hose. Zombie gnomes have a knack for getting into the right place at the right time especially when your buzzard of a mother-in-law is out and about looking for herbs in the yard or some bullshit… HERBS IN THE YARD? More like zombie gnomes, you harpie! LOL

That’s right goths, zombie gnomes are here to stay! Check out the gruesome details on this sculpture. A whole third of his rotting gnome face is gone! All I gotta say is TAKE MY MONEY! And you should too. Live gothic today and give a few faceless zombie gnomes a new home and scare the living sugar out of your zombie-like mother-in-law. Trust me, it works! Almost a little too well at that… Click below to check it out!