Hanging Bat Key Holder Wall Sculpture

Key Hook Rack - Vampire Bat Key Holder Wall Sculpture - Bat Figure - Halloween Bats

Looking for some cool and creepy wall art? Check out this awesome hanging bat key holder wall sculpture and bring out the worst in your kitchen of doom! Scare off all sorts of key thieves with the threat of eternal blood lust and put an end to lost keys once and for all!

I actually have a set of hanging bats on my front porch but this hanging bat key holder would be PERFECT for my kitchen. You can hang it up and it conveniently holds all your keys in one cool-looking Gothic place! The sculpture itself is super-detailed as well and will make any room just a tad more creepy and dark.

I love how the design actually incorporates the hanging bat wing claws into the hooks. You’d think the manufacturer would lazily attach some industrial hooks of some sort onto the end of the sculpture but they really made the effort to have it look like a natural bat claw is holding your keys! Awesome!

Check it out and live gothic today!