Awesome Hanging Bats of Castle Barbarosa

Vampire Bat - The Vampire Bats of Castle Barbarosa Wall Sculptures - Set of 2 - Bat Figure - Halloween Bats

Add some spooky style to your patio or bedroom wall with these sick hanging bats! You get not only one, but two crazy-looking decorative hanging bats to bring a dismal atmosphere to any setting.

These cool hanging bats are vampire bats of Castle Barbarosa! They are intricately detailed and have all these awesome veins and blood vessels poking out along their wing flaps. Hang them up for Halloween and then just leave them up for the rest of the year! That’s how I’ve been doing it for years and believe you me, they’re never coming down.

 Well, unless my dopey mother-in-law comes over again and that happens almost every other month these days! I mean, sometimes it feels like she wants to move in with us! Then my nagging wife has me bring everything down and I literally have to hide all my hanging severed heads and decorative ghouls. What’s a goth to do these days?!

One thing remains constant though and that’s these hanging bats on my front porch. And somehow it gives me some frickin’ comfort! It’s as if I’m screaming out… “There are limits to this abuse, you harpies! You can take my pride but you’ll never take my hanging bats!” And that’s for sure, they’re staying up! I don’t care what they say.

Get yourself some awesome bats by clicking the link below and live Gothic today!