Kneeling Dragon Coffee Table

Design Toscano Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Table

What a beauty! Entertain your guests and discuss diabolical plans over this beautiful kneeling dragon coffee table. This piece will be a wonderful edition to any medieval or Gothic-themed living space. You can add all sorts of creepy to a room with this piece for sure and I’m telling you, it will be a big hit with your old buddies from college.

DISCLAIMER: This doesn't have anything to do with the product I featured above... but writing this post reminded me of an old buddy of my own!

I had this friend, Frederick, and this guy used to call himself the tokin’ dragon! This was unfortunately quite the racist nickname he gave himself since he is actually half-Chinese but he loved that nickname and used it all the time! He’d walk into parties with his make shift honey-bear bong (he had fashioned this thing out of a plastic honey container!) and he’d say, “Make way Ke-mo-sa-be! The Tokin’ Dragon has arrived!” Then he’d land that little bong down on the nearest coffee table and start toking away like a champ! I don’t think any of us actually realized that Kemosabe was from the Lone Ranger til’ I was long gone and a college grad with a preggers wife! At least, that’s when I found out.

I always wonder about good ‘ol Frederick. This dragon coffee table would have been perfect for him… and maybe you too! So take a gander and live Gothic today. Check it out!