Medieval Gothic Side Table

Design Toscano Gothic Revival Octagonal Side Table

Add a dash of Gothic spice to any existing interior with this Medieval-inspired Gothic side table! This piece is more subtle than our usual post but it certainly adds a special vibe all it’s own. I mean forget the bible and dictionary pictured above and let’s place a couple of awesome zombie gnomes! Forget the flower pot and goblet unless, of course, we fill that goblet with infant’s blood and put some REAL plants in that little pot… Wait a second, what is that on top of our little Gothic side table?? A PIPE??? Well, that one can stay hehehe!

The beautiful detail of the hand-carved solid mahogany will accent your home perfectly! Place it in any room and you’re good to go for any scantily-clad maidens to serve you grapes from a bowl! It will be perfect in your basement to place all your bullwhips or other torture devices, that’s if you need a breather in the middle of a session, that is. This Gothic side table will go great with our Gothic book stand as well, so consider picking them up as a pair, why don’t you!

 Wherever and whatever you decide to use it for, this wonderful Gothic side table will make a statement! So stop wasting time and check it out! Take the plunge and live Gothic today!