Super-Detailed Raven Statue Plaque

Nevermore?! Bring the foul stench of carrion to your humble Gothic abode with this a brand new 18 inch raven statue! This thing is over a foot long and is simply irresistible to any discerning goth. It fastens to your wall and right away elevates any room’s creepy level!

Design Toscano The Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture

This raven statue is simply killer! Look at the details in the feathers and in his knobby feet. The articulation is stunning to me! And who doesn’t want a stunning raven statue beautifying their Gothic home??

 For some reason, as I check this awesome raven statue out, I start to remember that movie John Cusack was in a couple of years back, which by no reason other than sheer coincidence was also called, The Raven. Here’s the trailer if you wanna jog your memory:

Yeah, so it’s all about this killer on the lose who’s decided to take some of Edgar Alan Poe‘s works and actually carry out some of the gruesome stories on his victims in the real world. The plot ain’t super original or anything but it’s a decent flick! Edgar Alan Poe is played by none other than the beloved John Cusack and he doesn’t do too shabby of a job. I’m actually pretty happy to see him in this film, I can’t really remember another recent one that’s he’s done! Whatever the case, he did a good job on this flick and everyone of you should give it a chance! It’s also pretty dark and gloomy so it fits the bill, all you goth boys and girls!

What is this, a John Cusack fan blog?

Take a chance, make a change and adopt a stunningly detailed raven statue TODAY! Your Gothic home needs one, trust me.