Goth Bangs


Do goth hairstyles for women usually incorporate bangs?

What is the best way to wear goth bangs?

How can you get inspired for your own hairstyle with bangs?

Although you certainly don’t have to wear bangs if you want a goth hairstyle, the right bangs can make your hairstyle truly pop. Among the goth scene, straight or V-bangs are some of the most common styles that can be found.

If you want to create a goth hairstyle that will work well for a variety of goth outfits and looks, bangs are a great place to get started. No matter whether you choose to dye your hair raven black or you stick with your natural color, you can create a more goth influence in your hairstyle by cutting your bangs.

In this article, we’ll show you several pictures of our favorite goth bangs styles. Check out each picture to see which ones speak to you. Who knows? You might find the perfect inspiration for your new look among the images listed below.

So let’s get started!

1. Grunge Bangs

These simple bangs are slightly V-shaped, but mostly straight across. They blend in well with the long, straight, black hair of the model and give her sharp eyebrows even more attention throughout her ensemble. She has paired her bangs with a traditional goth grunge outfit.

2. Bangs and Wisps

These short, straight goth bangs are paired with curled wisps on either side of the head to create a very modern twist on the goth hairstyle. The model is also wearing her hair back in a sleek bun, which gives her a unique look that is equal parts modern and rockabilly.

3. Teased Bangs

This model has her goth bangs cut straight across, but she has left more volume in the bangs than some of the other on this list. She has her bangs teased slightly to add even more volume and give them a “bump” for an added sense of style.

4. Vampire Goth

This model has an extra-sharp V-bang that is cut at a stark angle alongside her eyebrows. When she narrows her eyes, her brows and hair work together to draw the eye to her face. Her vampire goth style is finished with a black corset over a a long, full, white lace dress.

5. Asymmetric Bangs

Most goth hairstyles don’t incorporate asymmetric bangs, but this look proves that the style is very possible to pull off with the right attention to detail. This model has her hair long and slightly wavy to accentuate the bangs, and she has paired her look with a plunging neckline to draw the eye through her outfit.

6. Straight Bangs

These straight bangs are the perfect simple way to start your goth bangs style. They are easy to cut for yourself and pair well with just about any goth outfit. Cut straight across with no angle, they aren’t as dramatic as the V-bang and can work more fluidly too. The model in this image has paired her hairstyle with an everyday outfit that might not be noticeable as goth at first glance.

7. Simple Goth

This is a very simple goth style with bangs that are cut on a very slight V-angle. They are slightly choppier than some of the other bangs on this list, and they are feathered on the sides into the length of the model’s hair. The model wears her hair very long.

8. 2000s Goth

This image from the early 2000s showcases a combination of trad goth and cyber goth with the help of straight goth bangs. The model in this image wears bangs cut straight across that blend into extra-long hair with added white extensions to offset the black. The outfit is elaborate and so is the hairstyle.

9. Goth Emo

This emo goth combination of hairstyles results in slightly asymmetric bangs with a fairly straight cut otherwise. The model keeps her bangs fuller and more volumized than some of the others on this list, and she wears her hair long and draping down her shoulders. This helps draw the eye down to her outfit, which consists of plenty of solid black and fishnet mesh throughout the look.

10. V Bangs

This model showcases just how dramatic and powerful of a statement you can make with V-bangs. The models’ bangs are cut very straight and angled along her brow line, and they are blended down into her sideburn area above her ears. From there, the style shifts dramatically into a long, wavy haircut with plenty of volume and bounce throughout. This model has her hair curled slightly at the ends and is wearing a black headband to separate her bangs even more visually.

11. Steampunk Goth

This steampunk goth style shows just how versatile straight goth bangs can truly be. The model in this image wears her bangs cut straight across and very short in a traditional goth manner. However, despite this traditional look, she is wearing an outfit that is decidedly more steampunk. Her long, wispy black hair draws attention to the corset top and silver jewelry she wears as part of her simple but very effective ensemble. This model has finished her look with some heavy eyeshadow and bright red lipstick to keep things classic and goth throughout.


As you can see, there are tons of unique and exciting ways to style your goth bangs. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can come up with a variety of goth ideas to bring into your favorite hairstyle.

But what if you want to have complete control over your hairstyle? After all, goth looks aren’t that common these days, so some salons may not know how to cut goth bangs. In this situation, there’s no reason why you can’t cut your own bangs for yourself!

Use this quick guide to learn how to cut goth bangs without assistance.

1. For this simple method, you will only need a few things: a fine-toothed comb, hair clips or barrettes, hair cutting scissors, an electric razor, and a mirror.

2. Use a fine-tooth comb to separate the bangs you want to cut from the rest of your hair. Take your time on this step, as you want to be sure you don’t pick up any hair from other parts of your head that you don’t want to be cut.

3. Use hair clips or barrettes to clip back the parts of your hair that you don’t want to cut. This is a crucial step as well and can prevent mishaps.

4. Pull the length of hair that you want to cut forward until you can see it. Depending on how long your bangs already are, this may not be difficult, or it could be a little bit of a challenge.

5. Cut it straight across where you can see your hair clearly. Making the first cut in your line of sight will ensure an easier time trimming your bangs up to the desired shape.

6. From there, trim up your bangs to the desired length by continuing to cut straight across. You may prefer to use a razor for this step to keep the edges very straight.

7. If you prefer, you can also trim the bangs in a V-shape with a center point that falls above your nose.

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