9 Unique Bookends for the Bookworm Goth

UPDATED: OK, due to the unforgiving CLAMORING of all you goth bookworms out there, I’ve decided to do a little more work and graduate this post to a full-fledged Gothic bookend list. I get it already, you guys want more super unique bookends for all your awesome Gothic classics. So here they are in all their … Read more


GARGOYLE STATUES: See some of the world’s largest gargoyle-like carved garden statues in our Gargoyle Statues (STATUES OF GARGOYLES FOR SALE) decoration list! Our Top Recommendation JUMP TO A SECTION… Our Top RecommendationStatue #1: Chained Cathedral GargoyleStatue #2: Double Trouble Hanging GargoyleStatue #3: Oscar The Gargoyle with Attitude StatueStatue #4: Legend of the Cambridge Hopping … Read more

The Nicodemus Coffin Bed

__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___Sleep like the undead in this super comfy coffin bed! Have you ever found yourself looking at coffins for sale and then start to get a bit sleepy? Worry not my vampiric friend for there is more to life than just the succulent taste of warm, living human blood; and what I do mean is a … Read more

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