Cyberpunk Goth


What is cyberpunk goth?

Is it related to raver goth?

Where did this subculture come from?

The cyberpunk goth subculture, which is also sometimes referred to simply as cyber goth, involves its own unique set of aesthetics, music, interests, and more. It is not very closely related to traditional goth or other styles of modern goth either. Instead, it stands out as its own subculture combining punk, goth, and the cyber culture all at once.

This subculture focuses on industrial and techno music, and those who consider themselves cyber goths spend a lot of time dancing in clubs that play these types of music too. Because of this, they are also commonly associated with raves, which is likely where they came from.

Although cyberpunk goths have raves as their origins, they are not specifically ravers either. Instead, they are a clash of both styles and they strive to show that goths can be colorful and raves can have dark themes at the same time.

Cyber goth is not always considered a true goth style, and some very strict goth settings may not allow this style to be included. However, for the most part, cyberpunk goth is just as welcome at a goth scene as any other type of goth, and it can be a fun way to show your inner self too.

In this article, we’ll show you ten images to help you find the right fit for your cyberpunk goth needs. With the help of these images, you should be able to find some inspiration that can guide you toward the right style for your specific brand of goth.

Look through these pictures and see for yourself just how unique the cyber goth style truly is.

Don’t forget, too, to pay attention to the colors and shapes of clothing and accessories that are included in this style to help you learn more.

Read on to find out some great examples of cyberpunk rave goth styles.

1. Gas Mask Pair

This image shows a pair of cyberpunk goths. One of the two is wearing a neon green and black gas mask as well as a neon green top with a radioactive symbol on it, and the other is wearing a black corset top with neon green accents. Combined, the two showcase the punk side and the goth side of the subculture.

2. Chains and Goggles

This image shows a version of cyberpunk goth that relies less on complicated clothes but more on detailed accessories. The style includes a black mesh shirt that is paired with elbow-length gloves, metal armbands, a choker, a mask, goggles, and plenty of chains throughout as well.

3. Dark Cyber

This style pairs a traditionally goth base outfit of a black tactical vest and pair of black pants with cyberpunk accents. The outfit includes gloves, tall boots, faux dreadlocked hair with black and neon green elements, and a black mask with matching green designs too.

4. Blood Red

This style goes for a slightly less obvious color to pair with the solid black elements, sticking to blood red for a truly goth experience. The outfit combines tight black pants with chunky knee-high black boots and black spiked gloves. It also includes a blood red vest and a set of sleeves that are torn on purpose.

5. Black and Yellow

This outfit includes tight black shorts and a tight top with yellow circuit board designs printed on it. This base look is paired with black and yellow tights, chunky black boots with buckles, and a mesh shirt with purposefully torn sleeves. It is finished with black goggles that have bright yellow lenses as well as a stunning black and bright yellow wig.

6. Purple and Black

This style pairs a purple undershirt with a black mesh overshirt that has purposeful holes torn in it. The shirt is matched with torn mesh leggings and a black faux leather miniskirt that includes a tulle petticoat. The style is finished with a purple and black wig.

7. Monochrome

This unique cyberpunk outfit includes torn leggings and wide fishnet sleeves beneath shorts and a crop top. The outfit includes a chunky belt and large, shiny, platform boots. It is also paired with a black mask and an impressive black and white wig with some gray elements as well. Finally, the style is finished with the use of many chains throughout the look.

8. Aqua with Goggles

This simple but classic cyberpunk style includes a faux black leather mini-dress with a slit up the skirt and a faux corset top. It also includes a fishnet undershirt as well as fishnet leggings, and the look is paired with aqua colored tights as well as matching aqua in the wig and goggles.

9. Pink Hair

This style includes pink and black throughout the wig as well as the outfit itself. The black corset dress is paired with a frilly black and pink skirt and a full petticoat, and the style is finished with pink fishnets and chunky pink boots.

10. Masks and Goth

These styles pair face masks with black mesh, faux black leather, and plenty of metal to create the ideal cyberpunk goth style. The looks are finished with long, black hair and goggles for both of the people in this image.


Did you find some good suggestions to help you get started as a cyberpunk goth? Do you feel inspired to get out there and put together the right outfit for your needs immediately? With the help of the images in the article above, you should be ready to create the ideal cyberpunk goth look for your own specific style and flavor of goth. Of course, if you’re still looking for ideas, there are plenty more to be found out there on the internet too.

But what if you’re uncertain whether or not to pursue cyberpunk goth as your main subculture style? How do you know if you’re a cyberpunk goth, or if this style is right for you? Here are a few signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Dark techno is your favorite type of music. Techno is a staple of the cyberpunk goth scene, but it should have dark or morbid themes to fit in as well as possible.
  • You don’t want to limit yourself only to black and red. Cyberpunk goth incorporates plenty of bright colors—but lots of black, too.
  • You enjoy coming across as an edgy person. The edgier the better for cyber goths!
  • You like the concept of steampunk goth but prefer a modern flair. Steampunk styles include corsets, petticoats, boots, goggles, and similar. These elements can all be found in cyber goth, but with a much more futuristic twist.

These signs aren’t the only ways you can tell if you’re a cyberpunk goth, and you don’t have to have all of them to fit into the subculture, either. However, if you exhibit some of these personality traits and features, you may find yourself fitting well into the cyberpunk goth scene.

If so, you might want to look around for a local rave or club that incorporates goth into its style. These are some of the best places to meet other likeminded cyberpunk goths who share your sense of style and personal aesthetic as well.

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