Goth Disney Princesses


Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Disney princesses were a little more goth?

Did you know there’s lots of art out there like this?

Which goth Disney princesses do you like best?

There’s plenty of art and designs to find when you’re looking for goth Disney princess inspiration. In the article below, we’ll show you some of our top picks for images that can help you get a good idea of what a goth Disney princess would really look like.

You can use this information to get some inspiration for your own looks and to find ways you can incorporate your goth lifestyle into your princess mindset. After all, you don’t have to separate the two if you don’t want to, and Disney princesses can prove it.

Take your time checking out the pictures below to find out more!

1. Pink Hair Goth

This image shows a goth reimagining of a princess style, complete with pastel goth hair. In the image, a black dress is paired with bright pink hair and heavy black and red goth makeup. The style is finished with black tattoos and a few pink elements throughout.

2. Punk Goth Jasmine

In this image, Jasmine is shown as a goth girl. Her black hair is paired with plenty of black makeup and long black fingernails as well, and she is shown with a heart tattoo with a letter A inside it—for Aladdin. Jasmine is pictured smoking a cigarette in this picture, which further lends itself to the overall goth theme of the image.

3. Goth Elsa

In this picture, Elsa wears a goth style with a modern twist. She has her usual platinum blonde hair color but has the tips of it colored blue. She also wears a black choker and has a tattoo across her chest that reads “let it go.”

4. Tattooed Ariel

This image shows Ariel as a modern goth. She has multiple tattoos and piercings and is wearing her traditional red lipstick to go with her red hair. She is also wearing thick black glasses and is pictured in front of a black and white skull backdrop to showcase the goth elements even more.

5. Goth Cinderella

In this picture, Cinderella is shown as a full goth girl. She wears a solid black dress and has black hair as well. Her choker is black, and her eyeshadow and mascara are also black. She finishes the look with deep red lipstick and a red hair band on her head.

6. Classic Goth Snow White

This picture shows Snow White portraying a classic goth look. She is wearing a short black dress with a mesh panel at the top and plenty of red lace trim. She is also wearing knee-high black an red striped stockings and red high-heels.

7. Vampire Jasmine

In this image, Jasmine shows the vampire goth style perfectly. She is wearing an all-black outfit along with her black hair, and she has deep red lipstick and red eyes. She is also wearing black eyeshadow and eyeliner as well as blood red earrings. All of this is finished off with a pair of sharp vampire fangs.

8. Goth Pocahontas

This picture shows an image of Pocahontas wearing goth styles. She has kept her everyday long straight black hair but has paired with with deep purple lipstick and lighter purple eyeshadow. She has also finished her eye makeup with details that fall down onto her cheeks from the middles of her eyes.

9. Goth Belle

In this picture, Belle wears a floor-length goth gown perfect for romantic goth styles and reminiscent of her classic golden ball gown. She is also wearing heavy black makeup and has upside-down crosses on her cheeks, showing off her true goth nature at every turn.

10. Goth with Eye Makeup

In this picture, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) shows off her goth eye makeup, complete with intricate detailing from the corners down onto her cheek. She also wears black lipstick and a black headband to give herself more of a goth look, and she is wearing her regular clothing since it fits into the color scheme well.

11. Goth Punk Ariel

In this picture, Ariel leans into the goth punk scene. She is wearing a band t-shirt with a graphic logo on the front and has a tattoo on her neck. She also has several piercings and is wearing heavy black goth makeup that she has paired with her now-black hair.

12. Goth Sleeping Beauty

This picture shows Sleeping Beauty in punk goth fashion. She is wearing a band shirt with no sleeves and is showing off several tattoos on her arms and chest. She has finished the look with a red ribbon in her hair and some goth makeup.

13. Gothic Snow White

This image shows a version of Snow White that leans into the goth fashion scene. She is wearing her usual black hair and showing off her famous red lips, but she has paired her natural goth looks with a black and red mini-dress instead of her classic style.

14. Goth Lipstick

This picture shows a version of Cinderella showing off her goth side. She is wearing thick black lipstick and black eyeliner as well as red eyeshadow to complete her look. She has black hair in this version, and she is wearing her usual style of dress in solid black and showing off a chest tattoo in the meantime.

15. Black and Red Goth Princesses

This image includes multiple princesses such as Ariel, Mulan, Snow White, and more. Each princess is wearing a slightly different type of goth fashion, showcasing a variety of styles in the same picture. The image is completed in all black, white, gray, and red, which helps solidify it as a goth piece of art.

16. Various Goth Styles

This image shows what a variety of Disney princesses would look like if they wore different types of goth fashion. Some of the goth styles represented here include punk goth, gothic Lolita, romantic goth, and more. The image includes several different princesses to showcase the different styles.

17. Emo Goth Disney

This image shows Disney princesses if they were not just goth, but emo goth specifically. The outfits and makeup styles included in this image are very solidly emo, which falls into the goth subculture umbrella. If you prefer to lean toward emo yourself, you might find some inspiration from these princesses.

18. Morphing Princesses

This is an animated image that changes from the original pictures of Disney princesses into a goth themed version instead. The princess here include Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, and more.

19. Goth Disney Crew

The image showcases several Disney princesses and other female Disney characters who have been reimagined in a goth style. They include Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan, Ariel, Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, and much more. You can use this image to see what the ladies of Disney would look like in a wide variety of goth styles and themes.


What makes these images so good to look at and share? These images show that anyone can be a goth, even those with the most princess-like looks and personalities. Inspire yourself and your friends by sharing these Disney goth princesses!

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