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GOTHIC BED: See 12 dark Gothic bed décor Ideas for 2019! See our curated list below... Check out Gothic bed ideas that add dark visual beauty to your gothic bed room, Gothic bed features that work with all your favorite goth jewelry, bags and dresses and much more!


What does a gothic bed look like?

How can you make your bed the centerpiece of your gothic bedroom?

How can you decorate or style the bed?

Gothic beds are usually very luxurious with lots of plush décor and intricate frames. Some of them may have canopies, while others do not. Some may have covers built into the frames and others simply stand on their own.

One of the most common trends in gothic beds is the presence of scrollwork or other carvings. These carvings give the beds an elegant touch and make them stand out as the centerpiece of the room.

If you’re looking for other ways to make your bed the focal point, be sure to use a color for your bedsheets and blankets that contrasts the colors on the walls and furnishings for best results. You can also use bright red or purple throw pillows on the bed to accent a mostly black and white or gray room.

​In this article, we’ll show you 13 beautiful gothic beds you might want to consider for inspiration. These beds are all elegant and fit well into a gothic theme. Look through these pictures to get ideas for your new bedroom setup and you’re sure to come up with some great concepts in no time!

1. Pale Wood Bed

This bed is made of oak wood and features a unique pale color that’s hard to find in gothic furnishings. The bed is adorned with a built-in wooden canopy and plenty of delicate scrolls and other carvings to make it look elegant and somewhat mysterious. It is a real antique French bed.

2. Wrought Iron

This romantic gothic wrought iron bed frame can help you feel like royalty when you drift off to sleep every night. The frame features simple curved lines and knots commonly found in gothic furniture and a minimalistic design that looks nice in almost any style of room.

3. Dark and Bold

This bed is made of dark wood and features a few scrolls as well as a pitched design indicative of the gothic style. It includes tall posts on all four corners and is decorated with a simple black cover that helps pull the gothic look together from start to finish.

4. Pitched Headboard

The pitched style of this headboard is designed to call to mind the doorways of gothic churches and cathedrals. It includes a cutout for an added effect. The rest of the bed keeps a low profile so you can dress it up or down to match the rest of the room and your décor.

5. Simplistic

Sometimes, all you really need in your gothic bedroom is a simple, minimalistic black bed. This bed has no headboard or footboard but is adorned with black covers to make it dark and mysterious. It fits in well with modern gothic themes that don’t need as much ornate décor.

6. Ornate Posts

This dark walnut wood bed frame features ornate posts and intricate carvings on both the headboard and the footboard. It’s large and imposing in any room, so it’s great for spacious gothic bedrooms where its visual weight won’t be too overpowering for the other furnishings within the same space.

7. Royalty

This gothic bed feels like it’s made for royalty. It features a pitched top canopy built into the frame as well as many carved designs throughout. The wood is dark with lighter accents and golden brown covers, and the bed is fitted with a light in the center to add to the ambience of the gothic feeling.

8. Gate Style

This bed looks like an elegant wrought iron gate and provides lots of curves and lines to create visual texture in your gothic bedroom. For a truly gothic look, you may want to stick to other bedsheets than the ones pictured, which are a little too floral for a gothic room.

9. Unique Heavy Frame

This bed features a unique heavy frame with lots of cutouts and side rails on both sides as well. It includes lots of delicate gothic carving work as well as posts on all four corners, and it sits up on raised feet for maximum gothic style and effect. This bed is made of high-quality wood and is a one-of-a-kind real medieval French bed. It can provide you with some inspiration if you plan to customize your own frame in the future.

10. Crosshatch Iron

This bed is made of wrought iron and features a crosshatched design on the headboard and footboard. It includes smaller posts on the corners with gothic style finishes and knots throughout the ironwork to give it a simpler but still very effective feeling from start to finish. This bed can be dressed up with lots of gold and red for a focal point or dressed down with solid black to blend into the bedroom.

11. Solid Black

This large bed frame with a built-in wooden canopy is solid black, including all the scrollwork and carvings that adorn both sides as well as the head and footboards. The bed is so tall that it reaches the ceiling in a traditional room, so it’s sure to look impressive in any gothic bedroom you may want to put together. As in the picture, it looks great with white dressings. However, it can also work with black or red, depending on the type of gothic room you’re working on.

12. Castle Bed

This elegant and stylish bed looks like it’s fit for a castle. It works beautifully in any gothic or Victorian style bedroom and features an elaborate sweeping canopy with carved accents and many curving lines to give it a sense of beauty and grace. The bed is made of dark wood and creates a lot of visual weight in a room that can be offset by dressing it with lighter colors. Try it with black or rich, deep purple for a darker appearance that will stay in line with your gothic décor choices, or go with gold or light brown for a warmer touch.


Did you find some good ideas for gothic beds? Is it tough to find a product like this, or can you go into a furniture store and come up with something that will work for you? Do you know where to go shopping for a gothic bed you’re sure to love?

If you want to buy a bed like this, you’ll probably need to check with specialty furniture stores instead of more mainstream ones. You may be able to special order a product from a chain furniture store, but this is not very likely. You might also need to have a custom bed made to your specifications, or you may need to check thrift stores and other secondhand options to find a beautiful and elegant bed that will work for you.

No matter which route you choose to take, it could be a little while before you find the perfect bed. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to combine styles and use a non-gothic frame with very gothic décor and dressings. This may not be the ideal look you’re going for, but it can help your style work until you get the right bed for your needs.

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