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Are you looking for a Gothic side table for your space?

Do you like the Gothic designs for furniture?

Would you like to try some very interesting Goth art inspired side tables?

If you are ready to bring in some really cool and interesting art pieces into your space, then getting a Goth table could be a fun way to do so. Not sure what to look for? Then reading this article can help!

Today we are taking a look at what a Gothic table typically looks like and few things you need to keep in mind while choosing one. Also, we are doing detailed reviews of five such Gothic side tables, along with their price range, features and pros and cons. So without any more waiting, jump right over to the sections that can help you!

5 gothic tables you can buy from Amazon

If you are planning to get a gothic side table to add an interesting feature piece to your décor, here are 5 such amazing pieces that you can easily buy online.

1. Design Toscano Gothic Revival Octagonal Side Table

Design Toscano Gothic Revival Octagonal Side Table

This side table is hand carved and is made out of solid mahogany replica . The table is octagonal in shape and is of a dark colour. It has eight hand carved cloverleaf tracery arches that help to support the top that is made of kiln-dried hardwood. Each of the table is individually finished by hand by the artisans. The dimensions are 20 inches width X 20 inches diameter X 21 inches height. It weighs 25 lbs.  


  • ​Fast delivery.
  • ​Solid and sturdy material.
  • ​Dark colour complements the gothic look.
  • ​Beautiful and intricate handcraft work.


  • ​None as yet.
  • ​Price may not be the best for all types of budget.

2. Design Toscano Gothic Sanctuary Side Table Cabinet

Design Toscano Gothic Sanctuary End Table

This side table cabinet is hand crafted and is made out of solid hardwood replica with Paulownia wood . It looks like an original antique piece but with a budget-friendly price. Each piece is finished individually by hand by the artisans. The table has a light grey and black colour that is very similar to classic and aged Gothic styles. It features Victorian styled metal crosses on the sides and on the front. The piece is individually distressed by hand using weathered, Goth faux finish. Dimensions are 20 inches width X 14 and ½ inches diameter X 30 inches height. It weighs 21 lbs.


  • ​Comes with storage option.
  • ​Helps keep dry goods in good condition.
  • ​Beautiful design.
  • ​Very sturdy.


  • ​None as yet.

3. Design Toscano Lord Raffles Lion Leg Side Table

Design Toscano Lord Raffles Lion Leg End Table

This side table comes with a lion face design on all its four legs . It is hand-cast and is made with real crushed stone that is bonded with a higher quality of resin. The piece is individually hand-finished by the artisans. Dimensions are 26 inches width X 26 inches diameter X 21 inches height. It weighs 37 lbs.


  • ​Very detailed craftsmanship.
  • ​Well made.
  • ​Sturdy.
  • ​Smooth surface on the top.


  • ​None as yet.

4. Design Toscano Villa Lucchesi Serpentine Console

Design Toscano Villa Lucchesi Serpentine Console Table

This side table or cabinet is made in such a way that it looks like the 17th century Italian wood style . It has a faux hand painted design with a serpentine scalloped top. It also features beautiful and deeply carved embellishments. It is of a deep brown colour with gold gilded design. The legs on this console are in the cabriolet style that helps to raise it up. It comes with three drawers that feature ornamental and period metal hardware. The curving side doors are slender and have a single storage shelf inside on each level. Dimensions are 32 inches width X 13 inches diameter X 30 inches height. It weighs 53 lbs.    


  • ​Looks exactly as shown in the picture.
  • ​Easy to assemble.
  • ​Comes with storage space.
  • ​Finish is beautiful.


  • ​Does not match the dimensions.
  • ​Price may not be the best for all types of budget.

5. Design Toscano Lost Souls Gothic Skull Glass-Topped Table: Bone

Design Toscano Lost Souls Gothic Skull Glass-Topped Table, White

This unique side table is absolutely different from any other that you may have seen  and will instantly convert your side space into a classic gothic era. This beautiful piece is made by using real crushed stone that is bonded with superior quality of designer resin. Each of the pieces is individually hand finished by the artisans. The design on this side table is an exact replica of a skull, which is complete with hollow eyes and a hollow nose. It also features a mouth with the teeth looking out. This is the perfect way to add a ghoulish look to any setting. The skull is an off-white and dull colour to give it a real skull colour. It also features deliberate cracks on the head, back of the head and sides. This helps to give it a more authentic and real look. The top of the table features a strong glass top which is round in shape. The glass is about 3 and half inches thick and is pencil edged. Dimensions are 21 inches width X 21 inches diameter X 19.5 inches height. It weighs 36 lbs.


  • ​Very unique design.
  • ​Skull looks same as a real one.
  • ​Very sturdy.
  • ​Strong glass on the top.


  • ​None as yet.

What does a gothic table look like?

Goth style of furniture is the type of furniture style that is inspired by Goth art, which gained popularity as a movement during the 1860s and 1870s, mainly in Great Britain and the United States.

​What material is it made of?

Gothic furniture is mainly made out of wood, and can also in some cases incorporate glass on a need basis. Most of the wood used for making Goth furniture was oak, chestnut and walnut.

gothic table
  • ​​Is it typically light or dark in finish?

These furniture pieces are typically dark in finish.

  • ​​Is it large and heavy or compact and light?

Made of wood and with intricate detailing, the Goth furniture pieces are mainly large and heavy.

  • ​​Does it have intricate designs and accents or is it simple and clean?

While the early Goth furniture was simple, they were later made as more elaborate and ornamented pieces.

3 tips for choosing the best gothic table for your space

If you are interested in getting a Gothic table for your space, here are a few tips that can help:

table for your spacetable

1. Go for darker colours

With Goth furniture, the darker the colour the better it will look. Go for tables that are black or really dark brown in colour. You can also choose from a mix of dark red and black.

2. Intricate patterns​

Even if the pattern is not loud, on closer look it should have a detailed element to it.

3. Wood is the way to go​

Go for tables that are mainly made in wood, as this is the chosen material for Goth furniture.

If you are just starting out to experiment with Goth style, a side table is the perfect way to do so, without being too loud or over the top.

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