Gothic Window Frame

What is a gothic window frame?

What is it used for?

Where are they usually used in architecture?

There are many other great uses for this type of window frame, so don’t be afraid to get creative and figure out the right options for your home!

1. Short and Squat

This short and squat variation on the traditional cathedral window looks great above any fireplace or hanging on any wall. Its darker brown frame color matches a gothic ambience very nicely.

2. Light Brown

Get a gold theme going in your home with these window frames. This set of three features two simpler frames as well as one more intricate centerpiece you can use to draw attention to your décor.

3. Crosshatched

The crosshatching on this window frame is different than the look most of the gothic windows pictured here may have. However, it’s still very gothic and looks great hanging on a dark wall.

4. Matching Set

This matching set of three windows features wooden frames and metal accents in the center. These elements work together to create windows that look like they could’ve easily come out of a cathedral in the medieval era. These windows look great grouped together or separated throughout your home.

5. Functional Window

Who says you can’t use your window frame as a functional window? You can purchase custom made window frames such as the one pictured here to enjoy modern takes on the classic gothic style. As long as they’re up to code, they’re great additions to a truly gothic home.

6. Tall and Thin

This tall and thin window frame is full of gothic style. Although it’s likely just propped against the wall in the photo for show, this look can actually be very traditionally gothic as well, and it’s recommended for these kinds of larger pieces that may be too heavy for the wall when finished.

7. Farm Gothic

This look toes the line between farmhouse and gothic. Its inclusion of a couple of flowers near the base of the window frame gives it a more country appearance, but its overall distressed look and gothic architectural elements keep it gothic at the same time.

8. Gray and Shabby

This shabby chic frame is a neutral distressed gray color and has a very natural style about it. It features the curved lines prevalent in a lot of gothic windows without all the extra details, so there’s plenty of room for you to work with it and make it something all your own.

9. Stained Glass

Bring that church feeling to your home by using a stained glass element in your gothic window frame. This beautiful green stained glass adds a pop of color without departing from the dark ambience required for a truly gothic room to work.

10. Distressed Gray

This window frame is painted a light gray color, which is not a traditional shade for a gothic room. However, its distressed look and gothic shapes can make it work well depending on the rest of the décor in its chosen destination. This frame would look great in a black and white space.

11. 3 Piece Metal

This set of three metal and wood window frames is a great starting point for some classic gothic style. This set includes some beautiful, delicate metalwork that blends in seamlessly with the wooden frames to create a style that looks like it jumped out of a medieval building.

12. Arched Farmhouse Frame

This is a more traditional farmhouse style frame with some gothic elements. The top portion of the window frame is particularly gothic in nature, although it may take some effort to make a frame like this look very solidly gothic. It would look ideal in a dining room or kitchen.

13. White Rectangular

This white rectangular frame is a little different than many of the other gothic frames on our list. However, it features a truly gothic style with its curved lines and cutouts, so you can’t go wrong choosing it to help bring your room together. Its white finish will add some brightness as well.

14. Church Inspired

This church inspired window frame features designs reminiscent of the fleur de lis without being exactly the same. This dark brown window frame is sure to look beautiful and elegant in your home and is an especially nice addition to a gothic bedroom or living room in need of some wall décor.

15. Farmhouse Wall Decor

This elegant window frame features a dark brown border and a white interior with plenty of carvings to make it fit beautifully into a gothic style. This is a great way to add some brightness to your walls, especially if most of your gothic décor is darker.


Did you find some inspiration for your gothic space? These window frames can be used in several different unique ways. If you’re looking for a place to buy some modern-made but vintage-style frames, we’ve got you covered. Check out the products on our list below to help you get started with your perfect gothic interior.

1. Distressed Cathedral Window

36' distressed Catherdral window SOLID WOOD Decorative window wall hanging, door decor, handmade in Texas window display

This ​Distressed Cathedral Window is sure to help you get started decorating right away. This is a handmade item made of pine wood. It’s three feet tall and is pre-distressed for appearance purposes. It may be a little too heavy to hang just anywhere, however, so be careful.

2. Farmhouse Arched Window Frames

Farmhouse arched window frames

These window frames are made from pine wood and are thick enough to hold up to plenty of use without showing signs of damage. They are pre-distressed to give the appearance of being old, and they look like they could’ve easily come from a gothic church. However, some customers feel they aren’t distressed enough.

3. Architectural Gothic Windows

Architectural Gothic Windows Turquoise Set 3

​This set of three ​Architectural Gothic Windows is here to help you put together the perfect gothic style home interior in no time. These windows look great hanging on your walls as décor. They come in three different sizes so you can vary your look throughout the room.  Best of all, these windows are hand painted, so no two sets will ever be exactly alike. Bring home this set of window frames if you’re looking for a vintage style without paying vintage prices.

This type of window frame can usually be found in cathedrals and churches. However, it might also be found on old houses, medical buildings, and schools from the time period as well, if these are still standing.

Can you really repurpose an old gothic window frame into something else? Here are a few items you can turn a window into:

  • ​A mirror:  This is one of the most common ways to utilize a window frame. Replace the frame with glass for a DIY mirror project.
  • ​Wall décor:  Hang the empty frame on the wall for a classic look.
  • ​A headboard: A large enough window frame can make a timeless headboard piece.
gothic window frame

Now that you’ve seen a few great window frames you can buy on the market today, you should be ready to bring them home and get started decorating right away. Don’t forget to check thrift stores and other similar venues for real antique window frames, too. You never know what you might find out there!

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