Gothic Bathroom Decor: Dark Goth Bathing Ambience Ideas

Find dark gothic bathing ambience design ideas in our goth bathroom and shower decor selection.

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A gothic bathroom is a bathroom that features some gothic design elements. For the most part, however, a bathroom needs to be modern so it won’t take away from the value of your home. For this reason, many bathrooms are very contemporary with an upscale black and white look that makes them both modern and old-fashioned at the same time.

Gothic bathrooms may also include gold, silver, and rarely dark blue, although the latter is not very common. However, if you ever come across a bathroom in starkly contrasting black and white, chances are good it’s got some goth elements included.

Some of these goth elements might be large wall mirrors or smaller hand mirrors (or both), table clocks, chandeliers, candelabras, and more. You might also find some more tongue-in-cheek bathroom fixtures like skulls on the toilet paper roll, depending on the bathroom in question.

In this article, we’ll show you several pictures to help you get started with inspiration for your new bathroom. By the time you finish looking through these pictures, you’ll be ready to start decorating your bathroom right away! Don’t forget to read the conclusion where we have some product ideas for you to try out, too.

Option #1: Small Chandelier

This bathroom features a small chandelier that is perfectly reflected by the detailed mirror. The chandelier works as the centerpiece of the room and balances the stark contrasts of the rest of the fixtures perfectly. Using a chandelier in a bathroom is a great way to keep things gothic.

Option #2: Flowers

You can use flowers to create a goth appearance, if you know which types to use. Do some research and choose gothic flowers to place in tall vases and use like those pictured here on the side of a sink. Finish off the goth look with a mirror and a decorative frame.

Option #3: Delicate Mirror

The delicate form of this mirror contrasts the dark purple walls and humorous skeleton toilet paper holder in this casual bathroom. This space is small but uses the mirror to add plenty of light and interest to the bathroom despite it being less elaborate than some others listed here.

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Option #4: Spacious

Take a look at this modern, upscale, and spacious bathroom. It features a deep soaking tub with a very large mirror as well as a black and white color scheme that works beautifully with the goth style. The tub area includes a chandelier to bring the goth look together.

Option #5: Stunning Curtains

Plain and simple bathroom storage balances the detailed floor-to-ceiling curtains in this one-of-a-kind bathroom. The large mirror with a silver frame works nicely against the black wall, and the silver candelabra and table clock add more goth elements by contributing traditional pieces of décor as well.

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Option #6: Touch of Mystery

With solid black on the walls and a neutral floor, this bathroom has an air of mystery about it. It features white fixtures and an elegant and stylish gold-trimmed mirror that makes the entire goth space more interesting and appealing to look at, too. This bathroom is small but works well with the space it has.

Option #7: Ornate Mirror

This bathroom’s walls and floor are fairly neutral, but the ornate black mirror and accenting black goth mirror provide bold gothic statements. Balanced by the delicate crystal chandelier and the smaller mirror as well, this bathroom has everything you need and more to bring the gothic look into your home.

Option #8: Blue and Gold

You might not have ever considered it before, but blue and gold can still be very gothic and very dramatic. This goth look incorporates an old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub with similar metal fixtures in the bathroom. Everything is against a dark blue wall that provides interest and personality too.

Option #9: Gothic Shower

Did you know even your shower can be gothic? This bathroom shower features a style that is reminiscent of the doors of old gothic churches. It adds a lot of glass and brightness to your bathroom and works to complement the dark brown of the goth mirror at the same time.

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Option #10: Lots of Contrast

This stylish black and white bathroom offers tons of contrast to provide the gothic look you want. A handful of the goth accents are in silver to provide a little bit of a balance between the two sharply different colors. The tall mirror brings the bathroom together perfectly.

Option #11: Chandelier

Who says you can’t have a chandelier in the bathroom too? This bathroom features black walls and tiling as well as a black mirror and a small but elegant chandelier. The rest of the fixtures are in white to contrast the darkness and add some bright balance to the goth space.

Option #12: Dramatic

This bathroom makes the most of dark walls and a marble floor to create a luxurious and dramatic gothic space. It includes a large mirror and a matching shelving unit as well as a deep sink and several black fixtures to add that touch of darkness the goth style needs.

Option #13: Small and Gothic

Just because your bathroom is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some gothic elements into it even so. This bathroom features mostly white on the walls and fixtures with a black floor and some black additions in the décor to help create a timeless and truly gothic style.

Option #14: Black and White

This picture showcases how to use a mostly-white bathroom to your advantage. Even if your bathroom walls are white tile, you can add black accents in the wallpaper or paint and use black furnishings to bring a touch of gothic flair into your bathroom too. This room also utilizes a lot of damask black curtains to pull the goth look together and relies on black in the flooring to help as well.

Goth Bath Products *BONUS* 

Are you feeling inspired yet? If you’re looking for some more interesting ways to decorate your bathroom, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some bathroom products that can help you get started when you need decorative options to help create the goth look and ambiance you’re going for throughout your home—including this most important room of the house!

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1. Black Butterfly Desktop Mirror

This Black Butterfly Desktop Mirror offers a sophisticated table mirror that will look perfect on any bathroom mirror. It features an adjustable stand and a simple but elegant butterfly motif. However, the finish may scratch very easily and get smudges easily too.

2. Fleur de Lis Hand Towel Ring

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This [amazon link=”B008XMJX5U” title=”Fleur de Lis Hand Towel Ring” /] is made of cast iron and is sure to add a subtle gothic style to any bathroom. It’s easy to hang and not too heavy for most walls, but the brown color may not match a black and white bathroom.

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3. Toilet Paper Holder

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This [amazon link=”B003H893GO” title=”Toilet Paper Holder” /] is shaped like a gargoyle holding onto the toilet paper roll for your bathroom. It’s made with a stone and resin composite and designed to mount easily just about anywhere you might want to hang it. It is a little heavy, however, and may be tough to hang in your bathroom without some prep work.

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