Gothic Chair: Antique Revival Medieval Furniture

Get antique revival chairs in our gothic chair furniture collection.

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What does a gothic chair look like?

How can you tell you’re looking at one?

What are some of the features you should look for in a chair like this?

Gothic chairs may not all look exactly the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t narrow them down based on some of their features and aspects, either. These chairs generally fit into the gothic category snugly, and they look great in any space that is utilizing gothic elements.

Of course, you may not find all of these features in the same chair, but they’re important aspects of many gothic pieces of furniture that may make your space come to life with the style and design you’re looking for.

If you think a gothic chair might be an ideal addition to your home, take a look at the products we have listed below to help you find the perfect fit. These chairs are all high-quality options that are sure to look beautiful in your gothic home or even in a room with just a few gothic elements.

No matter which one you pick, you’re sure to be pleased with the results when you choose from our list below!

Option #1. Design Toscano The Abbey Gothic Revival Chair

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The ​[amazon link=”B003M0FWQW” title=”Design Toscano The Abbey Gothic Revival Chair” /] is available as either an individual chair or a pair of two to suit your needs. This offer is made of solid hardwood and features plenty of gothic design elements to make it fit well into any room you may be looking to decorate.


  • ​This chair is available in lighter colors, which can be hard to find in some gothic furnishings.
  • ​This choice is durable and is built for both use and decoration.


  • ​This option may not be as elaborate as some customers prefer.
  • ​The chair may arrive with some scratches or damage to the wood rarely.

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Option #2. Design Toscano Gothic Revival Rectory Chair

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When you need something minimalistic but still gothic at the same time, you might want this ​[amazon link=”B00BB52HB8″ title=”Design Toscano Gothic Revival Rectory Chair” /]. This smaller chair is lighter weight than many of the others listed here and features tons of gothic elements without drawing attention away from other parts of your room.


  • ​This chair is made of solid mahogany for a true gothic style and long-lasting design.
  • ​The chair features hand-finished elements.


  • ​Some customers have found the chair to be too dark on arrival.
  • ​Some products may arrive with some scuffs or damage in rare instances.

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Option #3. Gothic Celebrant Chair

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This ​[amazon link=”B01NBU1QGL” title=”Gothic Celebrant Chair” /] is designed to keep you comfortable while providing a quality gothic style for your home. The chair is made of real eastern maple wood and is carved with traditional gothic design elements throughout. This offer is shorter than some other gothic chairs and includes armrests built into the design.


  • ​The chair is very beautiful and features a natural light finish that looks great in any room.
  • ​This choice is durable and high-quality without costing a lot.


  • ​This chair may be too heavy for some customers to work with.
  • ​The built-in armrests may make it hard for some customers to sit comfortably.

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Option #4. Design Toscano Sudbury Hand-Carved Solid Pine Gothic Side Chair

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Consider the ​[amazon link=”B003M0HRGU” title=”Design Toscano Sudbury Hand-Carved Solid Pine Gothic Side Chair” /] when you’re looking for something simple but effective to beautify your gothic space. This chair is made of solid pine wood and is designed to look like many antique pieces without the hefty price tag.


  • ​The chair features hand-carved elements that make it stand out and look beautiful as well.
  • ​This option features a lighter finish color than many other gothic chairs on the market.


  • ​This chair doesn’t have a built-in cushion or come with any cushion options.
  • ​This offer may not be as elaborate as some customers prefer in their gothic chairs.

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Option #5. Madison Collection Viollet Le Duc Gothic Arm Chair

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The very elaborate and elegant ​[amazon link=”B07HFMXVRZ” title=”Madison Collection Viollet Le Duc Gothic Arm Chair” /] is sure to quickly become a stunning centerpiece to any gothic room you may be decorating. This chair is made of solid mahogany wood and features many of the most intricate embellishments and features of the gothic furniture style. This choice provides a classy way to bring a little color into a darker gothic-style room as well.


  • ​This chair is faithfully recreated with attention to detail and focus on true gothic elements.
  • ​This option is heavy and durable, and it’s built to last.


  • ​This chair is much more intended for decoration than for use.
  • ​This offer is very expensive and may be well over budget for some buyers.

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Here are some of the features you may want to look for when choosing your new gothic chair:

  • ​Large, plush armrests
  • ​High backs
  • ​Ornate decorative trim
  • ​Darker colors

Option #6. King David Royal High Back Gothic Throne Chair

When you want a chair that will stand out and become a true focal point in your home, you may want to consider the King David Royal High Back Gothic Throne Chair. This chair is carved out of real mahogany wood and is available in either a black or red-brown finish to give you the look you’re going for in your home. The chair features many intricate carved designs and embellishments that make it look royal and beautiful as well. Use this choice to create an incredible gothic space.


  • ​These chairs are hand-carved, so each one is slightly more unique and different than the last, and no two are exactly alike.
  • ​The cushions on this chair are made with very durable vinyl that can hold up well to a lot of use and make it easier to keep the product clean, too.


  • ​The chair is very large and heavy, and it may be challenging to find room for it in your home.
  • ​This choice may look a little scary to some customers and may be too intimidating or imposing visually in many gothic homes and spaces.

Just Like Antique Gothic Chairs

Did you find a great chair, or are you still a little unsure of which one you should go with? Which three of these offers are the best options? Although these are all good quality products that are sure to make your room look great, there are a few that outshine the others. Here are our favorite picks:

  • ​Gothic Celebrant Chair: This chair looks unique and elegant in comparison to many other gothic chairs in the same price range. It’s sure to make a statement without being too over-the-top in any room.
  • ​Design Toscano Gothic Revival Rectory Chair: This chair is simple enough to work as a regular everyday use piece of furniture while still fitting into your favorite gothic design.
  • ​Madison Collection Viollet Le Duc Gothic Arm Chair: This is an elaborate and incredible chair that will look amazing as a decorative piece. If you’re looking for a centerpiece item, it may be a good option for you.

​​​In the end, the chair you choose is entirely up to you. Pick one that will fit nicely in the space you’re decorating, and go with one that matches your existing furnishings, rugs, or curtains for best results.

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