Gothic Christmas Decorations: Festive Goth Holiday Decor

Enjoy a festive gothmas holiday with baubles, hanging accessories, gothic decor ornaments and more in our goth christmas decorations collection.

As the season of joyous cheer and drunk relatives quickly approaches, we’ve updated this page with some of the best Gothic Christmas ideas and decorations available for order online. Enjoy our top picks below, and then stick around for our TOP dark Goth Christmas ideas in our picture list! Happy holidays!


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Do you need some of the Best Gothic Christmas Ideas and decorations? Does this sound like something you’d like? Better yet… is it something your loved ones would definitely hate? ;-)

It’s uncommon but not completely rare to find Dark Gothic Christmas themed decor. Although this style may not appeal to everyone, its bold statements and dramatic ambience work nicely with the holiday season, especially in homes where this type of atmosphere is already present.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to several pictures to help give you some inspiration so you’ll be ready to decorate your Gothic home when the holidays roll around. No matter what you might be looking for, we’re sure to have it covered below. Now let’s get started!

Option #1. Simple Wreath

Keep things simple with this small but effective wreath. This wreath features a black backdrop with black ornaments of varying sizes and a few black pinecones. Scattered throughout the wreath are purple shimmering ornaments to give it some visual interest and it into any other purple décor you might have.

Option #2. Raven Wreath

This black wood wreath features a faux raven sitting in the center, surrounded by sprays of white faux foliage. At the top center sits a large plush purple bow with lots of ribbons coming off of it. This whole wreath works together to create a gothic appeal that will look great on your front door.

Option #3. Silver Skull

This is a simple but very effective gothic ornament featuring a matte black star with a shimmering silver skull in the foreground. Although it’s not very elaborate, it is striking and is sure to be noticed if you hang it on your gothic Christmas tree or on your wall.

Option #4. Black Christmas Tree

This black Christmas tree showcases just what you can do with some white ornaments, white lighting, and a few purple accents as well. Although this particular tree focuses on characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, you can create the same look with more generic ornaments if you prefer.

Option #5. Skeleton Ornament

This ornament depicts a reindeer in a slightly different state than is usually seen at the holidays. This gothic reindeer skeleton ornament will find its place on your goth Christmas tree in no time. It’s a large enough ornament to be easy to spot among all the others hanging on the branches.

Option #6. Purple Roses

This wreath incorporates purple and black roses with a few spiderwebs and faux branches for added effect. Although it may look like it belongs in a Halloween home instead of a Christmas one, its rich purple accents can actually help it blend in beautifully with a home that is decorated for the holiday season.

Option #7. Lace Glasses

These lace-decorated drinking glasses add some gothic flair to your dinner table. Surrounded by a small wreath-like coaster, they are sure to make your dinner guests feel a little bit more elegant every time they take a sip of their favorite beverages.

Option #8. Ornament Frames

These Christmas ornament frames are ornate and intricate despite being very tiny. They are designed to look like picture or mirror frames that might hang throughout your home. In this photo, they’re adorned with pictures of insects, which adds to the overall gothic appeal of the decoration and brings a touch of macabre to the Christmas tree.

Option #9. Floral Wreath

This beautiful floral wreath includes a few spiderwebs for an added gothic effect, but otherwise keeps things minimal with real wood branches and simple dark red flowers. It’s accented with some small white pumpkins to allow the winter theme to fit into place as well.

Option #10. Black and Silver

These elegant black and silver ornaments feature floral and geometric designs that are traditional and old-fashioned. In this photo, they are arranged on a gothic plate with a little bit of ribbon and some feathers, which is an elegant way to bring a gothic touch to your Christmas table centerpiece.

Option #11. Jester Stocking

Keep that medieval gothic spirit going strong all season long with this jester stocking. Designed to look like a court jester shoe complete with a black and white contrasting design, this stocking is a unique and fun twist on the Christmas classic that’s sure to become a conversation piece in no time.

Option #12. Dark Snowflakes

These dark snowflake ornaments are hand-crocheted and come in several sizes so you can add some interest to your home’s goth holiday décor. They look great hanging on a gothic tree or just scattered throughout your home as wall decorations as well. They can also be a fun party favor for dinner guests.

Option #13. Ornament Wreath

This black wreath is traditional in terms of its design but features only black ornaments with a little silver glitter as an accent. This is a truly gothic style that’s very bold and striking against any lighter colored wall or doorway.

Option #14. Feather Wreath

Decorate your door with a sense of the dramatic using a black feather wreath like the one pictured here. This wreath is perfect for a gothic look that may be a little over-the-top—in a good way. You might also choose to hang it on your mantle or near your dining room table, depending on your home’s layout.

Option #15. Goth Candles

Candles are an important part of any holiday décor, but these black candles with a silvery skull accent are a little more goth than most. These are sure to look great as a centerpiece on any gothic dining room table when the holidays roll around.

Option #16. Feathery Tree

This black feathery tabletop Christmas tree is adorned with a black faux poinsettia on top to bring the holiday theme to the whole decoration. This unique DIY project is a great way to be a little silly with your gothic holidays while still keeping the look going throughout your home.


Do you feel ready to decorate your home for the holidays, the gothic way? Or do you still have some questions and need some pointers? What are some style elements you should consider if you want to decorate for Christmas the gothic way? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Candles. You can’t go wrong with tons of candles for gothic holiday décor. Be careful, however, and never leave a lit candle unattended.
  • Black and gold. These two colors look great at the holidays and can work together to create a beautiful and stylish holiday home with very little effort.
  • Mirrors. You probably already have mirrors as part of your gothic home setup, since they’re a very common and important gothic décor element. However, you can put them to work for you at the holidays, too. Use them to reflect the light of your candles and create more of a holiday feeling in any space. Consider decorating the mirrors as well!

In the end, the way you decorate your home for the holidays is entirely up to you. Just remember to stick to darker colors whenever possible, as these will be sure to help you make the most of the gothic look you’re going for. And don’t forget about the design elements listed above, too! If you feel stumped, return to our list of picture inspiration to help jumpstart your holiday planning.

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