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What is a gothic dining table?

What does it look like?

What are its most distinguishable features?

Below, we’ve put together a list of 11 pictures to give you some inspiration and help you get started.

Take your time checking out these pictures and putting together a list of your must-haves for your new gothic table. Once you’ve got some inspiration, check out the conclusion of this article for some bonus pictures to give you some ideas for how to decorate, too!

Let’s get started!

Option #1. Elaborate Chairs

This table and chairs set is not real, but comes from a video game render. However, it can still provide you with some ideas if you’re looking for a custom gothic table. Don’t forget to pick some intricately carved and elaborate chairs to pull the whole look together when you want a formal gothic dining room set.

Option #2. Elegance

Go with something truly elegant like this long gothic table with high-back chairs in the center of a gorgeous dining room. This table is very plan, but the chairs do all the talking and showcase the traditional gothic style perfectly with their detailed designs and carved features throughout.

Option #3. Minimalism

If you prefer a more minimalistic approach to your table and chairs, consider this bench-style seating and standard slab table. The legs of the bench and the base of the table showcase carved features that bring the gothic look home without overdoing it for the top of the table or the seating, too.

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Option #4. Tudor Chairs

This traditional gothic table is surrounded by high-backed Tudor style chairs which feature dark frames and lighter brown accents. The table itself is dark to match the wood of the chair frames, and the whole look is brought together by a simple centerpiece in warm colors and an elaborate chandelier.

Option #5. Smaller Table

If you need a smaller table for your home, consider this option, which can also function as a desk. This table features carved-out spaces in the sides and thick, square legs that combine to create a traditionally gothic appearance. The dark wood of the desk draws the whole look together seamlessly.

Option #6. Sleek and Mismatched

A popular modern trend in decorating is to choose mismatched chairs to go with your dining room table. This look incorporates that contemporary style with the sleek and dark look of a gothic piece of furniture. Utilizing both high-backed chairs and a bench seat, this dining set still sticks to the traditionally gothic.

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Option #7. Simplistic

Again, this set comes from a video game and is not a real dining room set. However, it can inspire some looks you might want to try out for your own. The smaller table is accented by four high-backed chairs with intricate carved inlays on the backs. With everything in black, this is a great gothic look.

Option #8. Modern

Keep things exceedingly modern with a hint of a gothic twist when you choose this look. The table is sleek and streamlined with a shiny surface, and the wine-red chairs and black-and-white seat bench provide ample sitting options around this upscale table.

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Option #9. Spacious and Long

This antique table is a surprising nine feet long and offers plenty of space for several guests to sit around it and enjoy dinner. The table is made of walnut wood and features a dark finish that helps it blend well into gothic décor in your dining room.

Option #10. Trestle Table

This table is very authentic and old-fashioned, looking as if it came from a medieval dining hall. It is very simple and lacking in features, but it’s thick and heavy as well as dark. It’s the perfect base to use for choosing your other gothic dining room decorations and furnishings.

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Option #11. Carved Oak

This carved table is made of oak wood and is sure to provide the perfect neutral backdrop for decorating almost any type of gothic dining room. Although the top of the table is lighter in color than some gothic options, the base and legs fall into the darker category.


Are you inspired to get started decorating your gothic dining room? How do you style a table like this? What are some centerpieces, décor, dishes, and linens that can help you get started?

In this section, we’ll show you five bonus pictures to help give you some ideas for what to do with your new gothic table. Once you’ve chosen the table you want, you can move on to picking décor from some of the options listed below.

1. Gothic Dishes

Check out these gothic dishes to give you some ideas of how to decorate your gothic table. This picture also showcases a mirror and some candelabras that might give you some inspiration for what to do with your new table, too. This set is very old-fashioned with a medieval flair.

2. Vampire Style

Want to add a vampire sense to your gothic décor? Try these blood red plates and flowers as accent pieces against a black tablecloth. Pair it all with some clear goblets for a truly elegant and heavily vampire-inspired table that’s worthy of a huge and elaborate feast any time.

3. Skull Candelabra

If you want to provide a little touch of dark humor along with your gothic decorations, check out this skull candelabra for some inspiration. The base of the candelabra is a skull shape, while the top portion holds several long candles. Choose black candles to pull this look together, or go with blood red if you prefer.

4. Candles

Nothing says gothic like candles—everywhere. This look incorporates several candles of differing sizes and shapes to pair with red flowers and other simple red accents. The resulting style is a romantic gothic twist that departs a little from the darker black and brown of many other styles.

Note: Be careful when using lots of candles, as this could create a fire hazard. Do not leave a lit candle unattended.

5. Candlesticks

Bring home some intricately carved gothic candlesticks for a powerful approach to the style on any table. These candlesticks can be used with many different colors of candles to create the look you’re going for. Try varying the heights of your candles for a more traditional approach to this style.

Now that you know a little more about what a gothic dining table might look like, it’s time to look for some ideas to help you find the perfect one for your home. Here are some things to keep in mind for your gothic dining table search:

gothic dining table

  • ​Dark wood. The darker the wood, the more gothic the table is sure to appear.
  • ​Simple tabletops. Most of the tabletops at this time were very basic and plain. They might be long pieces of flat wood or slabs of thick lumber.
  • ​Carved legs and bases. The details of these tables will usually be found in the bases and legs. These parts should feature carvings and intricate work that makes them stand out.
  • ​Heavy. The tables should be visually heavy as well as physically heavy and made of solid, durable wood.
  • ​Large. Most of these tables will be very large, with some exceptions.

By keeping all this information in mind, you’ll be able to create the perfect gothic table—and surrounding dining room—with ease.

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