Gothic Door: Arched Church Castle Cathedral Doors

See antique arched castle, church and cathedral door architecture in our gothic doors collection.

We’ve got the best Gothic doors… 15 beautiful door images and ideas below. Check them out!

Goth style doors are usually intense and take up a lot of visual space and weight on the front of a building. They tend to be pitched and to have a window or several at the top of the door, often separated by carved shapes and curved lines.

These types of doors are usually made of mahogany wood, but may not always be. They include iron fixtures most of the time and may have carvings and scrollwork present, but may not, depending on the door.

It’s not always easy to come by a door like this for your home. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration to help you decide on a custom one, you’re in the right place.

In this article, you’ll find pictures of 15 of the most elegant and incredible doors around. Some of these are more modern than others, but all of them are sure to please and give you some great ideas to help you make decisions for your home, too.

Take your time checking out these doors and gathering some inspiration for your home. You’ll be glad you did!

Option #1. Minimalistic

Stick to the theme but keep it simple with this gothic-inspired door. This door has a general gothic shape with a top window design and a door knocker, but doesn’t drift too far from modern contemporary door designs otherwise. It’s a great choice when you want a gothic vibe for your front door without a full door option instead.

Option #2. Elegant Frame

The frame on this gothic style door is elegant and intricate with several layers of ornate carvings drawing the eye to the door itself. This is an elaborate door that is intended for use at a public building, but it may give you some ideas for your home too.

Option #3. Church Doors

These high, pitched gothic double doors look like they belong on a church, particularly thanks to all the statues standing around them. These are some of the most impressive doors around and can inspire you with their shapes and colors to make unique choices in your home’s front door too.

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Option #4. Pine

These pitched doors are made of pine, so they’re quite a lot lighter in color than many of the others listed here. Nevertheless, they work nicely for a gothic style thanks to their scroll cutouts and heavy, large iron brackets and fittings as well as the door knocker.

Option #5. Modern Gothic

For the most part, this door fits in with modern front house doors. However, it still incorporates some gothic elements, such as the pointed shape at the top and the windowpane up high. It also includes an iron handle and is made of mahogany for a complete gothic appearance that fits well with contemporary styles.6. 

Option #6. Green Celtic

This door offers a different twist on the gothic style with heavily Celtic leanings. The Celtic knot inspired design and green paint allow this door to look rustic, old-fashioned, and charming enough for use on any country style home as well as on a gothic style one.

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Option #7. Double Doors

If you want to feel like you’re entering a church or a castle every time you go inside your home, these doors may be the best option. They are made of wood and feature large panes of glass at the top as well as golden colored accents throughout the design.

Option #8. Cathedral Style

The scallops and shapes carved into these doors are reminiscent of cathedral style designs from the gothic era. They are made of heavy solid wood and feature simple design elements that allow them to be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for in your gothic space.

Option #9. Windowless

This windowless door is made of solid mahogany, which is one of the most common woods used in medieval and gothic architecture and design. It features a heavy iron door knocker and handle that work together to make it look even more old-fashioned and castle-like.

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Option #10. Stained Glass

While you may not have the benefit of being able to use stained glass in your home, if you do, it can help you put together a great gothic look with ease. This stained glass window sits in a heavy wooden door and provides a beautiful gothic look for any home.

Option #11. Thin Door

This thin door is designed to look like a wall panel, but it features an iron handle that allows it to be opened like a door. It includes lots of gothic scrollwork as well as a face carved in the center, which calls to mind some of the more eerie connotations of the style.

Option #12. Farmhouse Gothic

This door is great for use in both a farmhouse room and a gothic room. It is made of rustic antique wood and includes several panes as well as gothic designs in the top portion of the door. Its darker tones help connect it to the gothic theme even more solidly.

Option #13. Castle Style Door

This door is small enough to work as the front door to a house, but it features castle style elements even so. It is made of light colored wood with a couple of window panes in it as well as an iron handle to bring the overall castle them together.

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Option #14. Window Paned

This paned door features more windows than some doors might. However, it still fits the theme perfectly thanks to its cutouts and the gentle curving shapes that define it as a gothic piece of architecture. With a darker brown handle and a lighter brown frame, this door is beautiful and simple.

Option #15. Nature Inspired

This door features delicate scrollwork cast in iron for a unique blend of heavy and light visuals that balance the lighter color of the door and darker color of the fixtures as well. The top of the door is made up of nature-inspired carved shapes that look like vines spreading and growing up the wall of the building. This door includes a lot of iron features that make it look powerful as well as beautiful.


Are there any famous doors you can check out at landmarks around the world? There are many out there to be found if you know where to look. Here are a few you may want to look for the next time you’re traveling:

  • Notre Dame: This is perhaps the most well known example of gothic architecture in the world, and all of its doors are very gothic in nature too.
  • Basilica: Another well-known example, this beautiful building has plenty of doors to admire.
  • Westminster Abbey: Be sure to take a look at the elegant and impressive doors on this building if you have a chance too.

Whether you travel around the world looking for these famous doors or you just want something to look great on the front of your home, don’t forget to consider the pictures of doors listed above. They can help give you some guidance and inspiration as well as ideas you may want to incorporate throughout your home, too.

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