Gothic Gates: Wrought Iron Garden Gate Fencing

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Are you a fan of the classy yet mysterious gothic art form?

Are you looking to add a gate to your home or garden space?

Would you like to see a few interesting design ideas that use Gothic art as inspiration for gates?

If this is something that you have not tried out yet, but would like to try it out or at least see how it could look, this article can help. In this, we will take a look at where Gothic gates are usually used and the type of material they are made of. We also take a look at whether it is possible to deviate and choose different materials as well.

Not just that, we will share with you images of 15 of the most beautiful Gothic art inspired gates that can help you give ideas and inspiration for something that you may want to have in your home or garden. Be sure to check out each of these images and see which type of detail takes up your fancy the most.

15 Beautiful Gothic Gate Images For Your Outdoor Spaces

Here are 15 beautiful images of gothic gates that can work as a reference and give you inspiration about the kind of gate that you want to make for yourself.

Option #1. Gothic gate with curved designs

  • ​This beautiful and majestic gate is made out of wrought iron.
  • ​It is entirely black in colour.
  • ​The main part of the gate has a long rectangular structure with comfortable width.
  • ​While it has vertical bars overall, it also has a beautiful and intricate curving design that goes all the way from the bottom of the gate till the tip at the highest point.
  • ​The design also has a mix of some simple geometric patterns.

​​​​​Option #2. Gothic gate with flame tips

  • ​This is a classic gothic castle style gate.
  • ​The gate has an arch-like structure and is cleaner in terms of design.
  • ​It features a series of vertical bars in black.
  • ​The main focal point of this gate is the part around the top which features a line of small flaming torches.
  • ​These are met from the top by down-facing arrows.
  • ​The gate also has a border of simple geometric designs at the bottom to add balance to the design on the top.

​​​​​​Option #3. Floral gothic gate

  • ​This beautiful gothic gate features a prominent floral design and is of the 19th century gothic style.
  • ​It is made of wrought iron and is all black.
  • ​It features an arch on the lower part and a semi-circle on the upper part, with rounded floral designs decorating the middle area.
  • ​The gate has vertical bars running from the lower part till the middle.

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​​​​Option #4. Gothic gate with pointed tips

  • ​This beautiful gate features two parts and will be perfect for a driveway.
  • ​It is dark grey in colour and features wide-spaced vertical bars all over.
  • ​The design is simple yet gothic and elegant.

​​​Option #5. Classic gothic gate with heavy wrought iron

  • ​This gothic gate is heavy in build and is made of wrought iron.
  • ​It has an ancient dusty look that makes it looks more genuine and adds an old-world charm.
  • ​It features thick pillars at the sides with detailing on the top.
  • ​The overall designs are clean with vertical bars and some detailing.

​​​​Option #6. Floral vines gothic gate

  • ​This is a simple yet very pretty wrought iron gate in brown colour.
  • ​It is rectangular in shape with two corner designs on the top.
  • ​The entire gate is covered in soft rounded floral designs.
  • ​It also has vines climbing all the way from the bottom to the top.

​​​​Option #7. Gothic gate with arches

  • ​This classic gothic styled gate is a style that is often seen in gothic literature.
  • ​It is made of heavy iron and features strong wide pillars on the sides.
  • ​The gate has thick vertical bars on the body that end in an arch at the top.
  • ​It also features circular designs at the bottom as well as at the top.
  • ​The dusty grey colour adds a more authentic and classic gothic look.

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Option #8​​​​​. Simple wrought iron black gate

  • ​This is a simple gothic gate that is black in colour.
  • ​It features vertical bars in the lower area that move up to form arches.
  • ​The arches intersect around the middle and form simple diamond patterns.

​​​Option #9. Majestic Victorian gothic gate

  • ​This is a gothic Victorian black wrought iron gate.
  • ​It is a classic castle styled gate that is tall and majestic.
  • ​The tall rectangular gate features vertical bars on the body.
  • ​It has different patterns running through the middle bars where the two gates close together.
  • ​It also features elaborate designs on the top that come together to create a crown-like look.

​​​​​Option #10. Gothic gate with crisscross

  • ​This is a simple wrought iron gate that is black in colour.
  • ​It features two parts that come together to close and open from the middle.
  • ​The main design in this gate is the vertical bars that run across the gate.
  • ​Some of the vertical bars criss-cross in the middle to form arches.

​​​​Option #11. Gothic gate with pointed tips

  • ​This is a beautiful gate with intricate designs and is all black in colour.
  • ​The design has a mix of various curved styles and some floral elements.
  • ​It also has a mix of pointed tips that run through the entire design.

​​​Option #12. Elegant Victorian Gothic gate

  • ​This beautiful gate is majestic in its Victorian style.
  • ​It is made of wrought iron and is black in colour.
  • ​The tall gate features vertical bars on the body that move upwards to create an inward curved look.
  • ​It also has a separate design at the top that sits over the gate.
  • ​The gate also features a few geometrical patterns.

​​​​​Option #13. Gothic gate with geometric crossover designs

  • ​This gate features a curved top and gothic geometric crossover designs in the middle.
  • ​It also has a single horizontal bar running through the middle.
  • ​The gate is made of wrought iron and is dusty grey in colour.

​​​Option #14. Gothic gate with Celtic design 

  • ​This gate features a Celtic design and is made of wrought iron.
  • ​It is black in colour.
  • ​The design has vertical bars with floral designs.
  • ​It also has a floral bar in the middle.

​​​​Option #15. Gothic gate with vertical bars

  • ​This is a classic black wrought iron gate with vertical bars.
  • ​It has wide bars in the middle part and closely placed bars in the lower part.
  • ​The bars meet in a crossover design at the top.

Where are gothic gates usually found or used?

Gothic gates are usually found in Churches, as well as in gated communities, parks, gardens, stand-alone homes and sometimes even as gates of a residential building space.

  • ​Adding a gothic gate can immediately add to the artistic and architectural vibe of the overall construction.
  • ​It immediately adds a focal point and centerpiece in the overall design.
  • ​While gothic structures look classy and are an art and design style from a long time back, they still have that element of mystery about them that can instantly make any design standout.

What sort of material are gothic gates typically made of?

Gothic gates are usually made of wrought iron. However, in some cases, they can also be made of hardwood or softwood, but they still look the most authentic in wrought iron.

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