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Enjoy goth kitchen desing ideas in our gothic kitchens and kitchenware collection.

Do you want to put together a gothic kitchen?

What are the elements that make up a gothic kitchen?

What are some areas you should focus on to ensure the gothic theme really shows?

Of course, there are many other ways you may be inspired by gothic kitchens. Take a look at the pictures on our list below to get some ideas for how to complete the look in your own kitchen and put together the room of your dreams.

Gothic Kitchen Gifts / Accessories

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Option #1. Big and Brown

Black appliances balance brown fixtures in this elegant gothic-inspired kitchen. The kitchen also includes a small parlor sitting area, which keeps with the general gothic feeling of the space without overdoing it too much. The cutouts on the cabinets help provide even more of a gothic flair int his interior design.

Option #2. Open Space

Just because your kitchen is very open, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a gothic flair. This room features a completely gothic chandelier in the center with elements of the gothic style throughout the cabinets and flooring. Despite its open design, it is still quaint.

Option #3. Gray and Brown

Most of this kitchen features gray cabinets and accents with gothic panes in the cupboards. This is all balanced nicely by lighter brown shades on the appliances and walls as well as some of the other accents throughout the room. This is a bright and airy take on a gothic kitchen.

Gothic Kitchen Silverware

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Option #4. Gothic Cabinets

The cupboards in this kitchen have gothic panes as well as decorative gothic scallops to make them look more old-fashioned. However, the rest of the kitchen is not very gothic at all, so it is really just the cabinets that show off the look in this picture.

Option #5. Neutral

This kitchen showcases white walls and counters that blend nicely with neutral brown-gray cabinets. Although the colors chosen here are not gothic at all, the designs on the cabinets still bring it together with gothic styles. This is a transitional style kitchen that incorporates themes from the traditional as well as the contemporary.

Option #6. Rustic Gothic

When you want some inspiration for a farmhouse gothic look, check out this unique kitchen. Almost everything is in the same shade of brown with simple but effect gothic scalloping accents. The hardware and appliances are black to offset this and give it a more gothic flair.

Option #7. Streamlined and Modern

This is a very modernized gothic kitchen with streamlined profiles at every turn. Nothing is overly ornate here, but all the decorations on the cabinets are still quite gothic in nature anyhow. The black and white color scheme is offset by a burst of color from the vase of flowers in the center.

Gothic Kitchen Aprons

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Option #8. Picturesque Windows

This spacious gothic kitchen makes the most of having large, decorative windows that let in plenty of light. The dark colors of the cabinets and lighter countertops and walls work together to make this room well-balanced and pleasant to be in. The room is decorated with plenty of scrollwork and a few plants as an added bonus.

Option #9. Warm Colors

Although the floors and wall color in this kitchen aren’t decidedly gothic, the cabinets are. The warm brown color and detailed trim on the cabinets offsets the lighter shades throughout the rest of this room and makes the space come across as clean, organized, and appealing.

Option #10. Ornate Cupboards

The cupboards in this stylish gothic kitchen are ornate and feature scrollwork as well as intricate carved designs that bring the look together. This is an elaborate take on the gothic kitchen with custom fixtures.

Option #11. Tall Bars

This kitchen has a tall bar in the center with a black base that connects it visually to the black legs on the barstools. With white walls and fixtures and a black chandelier to finish it off, the room is gothic without being overly so.

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