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What makes a lamp a Gothic lamp?

Are Gothic lamps easy to find?

What are some good characteristics to look for in your Gothic lamp?

There are many great reasons to decorate your space with a gothic lamp that fits your design theme. Although gothic lamps may not be as easy to find as others, there are still plenty of great gothic lamps out there for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for gothic lamps, you may be wondering what types of features to consider when choosing. Look for gothic lamps that are very ornate and elaborate in their design but simple in terms of colors. Darker colors are better, and decorative scrolls and other similar shapes should be present in the gothic lamp you choose.

Take a look at the gothic lamps listed below to help you find a great gothic lamp for your home. If you choose one of these lamps, your space is sure to look better (and darker) in no time!

Option #1

Gothic Lamp Guardians of Light Medieval Dragons Table

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These [amazon link=”B00K2B5K7U” title=”Guardians of Light Medieval Dragons Table Gothic Lamps” /] are a true conversation piece that’s sure to spice up your gothic home. Featuring two dragons clinging to either side of the center gothic lamp base, this piece is sure to make anyone take notice.


  • This gothic lamp features a hand-painted finish.
  • The gothic lamp is heavy enough to be durable but not so heavy it can’t be moved easily.


  • The gothic lamp has been known to arrive broken at times.
  • Some pieces may be missing from this gothic lamp on arrival.

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Option #2

Gothic Lamp 11 Inch Base

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Want to buy (or make) your own lampshade for your gothic lamp? Try this [amazon link=”B000OKVLD6″ title=”11 Inch Gothic Lamp Base” /]! This simple but elegant Gothic lamp base gives you a great starting point to make it your own. Best of all, it works with a 60-watt bulb, so it’s easy to use.


  • This gothic lamp base is made of durable cast metal.
  • This gothic lamp base features a universal gothic design that works with most themes and elements.


  • This gothic lamp base may not be elaborate enough for some styles.
  • This gothic lamp base does not come with any extras.

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Option #3

Meyda Tiffany Lighting Gothic Lamp

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Try this [amazon link=”B01BIW2F3S” title=”Meyda Tiffany Lighting Gothic Lamp” /] when you want something romantic and elegant that touches on the gothic style without fitting completely into it. This gothic lamp looks like a set of three hanging flowers with a metal leaf-like base and adds a touch of nature to your interior spaces.


  • This gothic lamp is very well-made with art glass and metal.
  • It’s easy to find bulbs to use with this unique this gothic lamp.


  • The gothic lamp is smaller and dimmer than many others listed here.
  • Because the glass is painted and not blown, this gothic lamp may have some damage or flaws.

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Option #4

Meyda Tiffany Pond Lily Accent Gothic Lamp

[amazon fields=”B01C88NCHO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

The [amazon link=”B01C88NCHO” title=”Meyda Tiffany Pond Lily Accent Gothic Lamp” /] may not be completely gothic in its style, but it features goth elements that can help you bring some color and texture to your space. This gothic lamp is designed to look like a purple lily and sits on a gothic style scrollwork base.


  • The gothic lamp is made of art glass that gives it an antique look.
  • The gothic lamp base is made of cast metal for durability.


  • This gothic lamp is a small light that many customers recommend only using as a night light.
  • This gothic lamp may not be as bright as some customers are looking for.

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Option #5

Gloaming Skeleton in a Coffin Table Gothic Lamp

[amazon fields=”B00XJKXJH4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

For a slightly more kitschy approach to gothic lamps, try The [amazon link=”B00XJKXJH4″ title=”Gloaming Skeleton in a Coffin Table Gothic Lamp” /]. This option may be a little silly to some people, but it’s perfect for those who want to stick to some fantasy elements in their gothic décor.


  • The skeleton coffin base of these gothic lamps are made of resin and black stone for durability.
  • The shade that comes with these gothic lamps can be taken off if you prefer to use your own.


  • The quality of these gothic lamps overall are lower than some of the others listed here.
  • The shade is made of plastic and makes these gothic lamps look cheap to some customers.

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Option #6

Design Toscano Aberdeen Manor Gothic Lamp

[amazon fields=”B003M0HUPI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

The [amazon link=”B003M0HUPI” title=”Design Toscano Aberdeen Manor Gothic Lamp” /] provides a simple but elegant take on your gothic lighting needs. These gothic lamps are finished with antique bronze to make it look more old-fashioned and aged than they really are. Coming in at 20 pounds, this is a durable gothic lamp that’s sure to last a long time to come.


  • This gothic lamp features hand-finished elements to add to its originality.
  • The gothic lamp comes in a neutral tone that matches most existing gothic furnishings.


  • Some customers have had trouble getting the floor switch to turn the light on and off on this gothic lamp.
  • This gothic lamp may arrive missing some pieces.

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Option #7

Medieval Knight Sculpture Gothic Lamp

[amazon fields=”B004YPUKSO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

Depending on the gothic style you’re going for, this [amazon link=”B004YPUKSO” title=”Medieval Knight Sculpture Gothic Lamp” /] may be a great choice for you. This gothic lamp comes in a set of two and features a kneeling knight with a sword functioning as the post of the lamp.


  • The gothic lamp comes with its own unique shade to make it look like chainmail and stick with the knight theme.
  • The gothic lamp is durable without being too overly heavy.


  • The knight’s visor may break off of the statue easily on this gothic lamp.
  • The gothic lamp may not fit into a more traditional gothic style room.

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Option #8

Sleeping Dragon Rude Awakening Gothic Lamp

[amazon fields=”B01M6BC8WJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

The [amazon link=”B01M6BC8WJ” title=”Sleeping Dragon Rude Awakening Gothic Lamp” /] is a stylish way to bring a sense of gothic fantasy flair into your home. This gothic lamp is made of resin with metal features and includes a matching shade to help it all blend together perfectly. Set it up on your favorite gothic table and enjoy the sense of style it provides.


  • This gothic lamp is durable and built to last a long time since it’s made from high-quality materials.
  • The shade can be easily changed if you prefer to go with a different look for this gothic lamp.


  • In some instances, the gothic lamp may arrive cracked.
  • This gothic lamp is very heavy.

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Did you find a gothic lamp that will work nicely for your design needs? Will these types of gothic lamps only work in gothic-themed homes? Or can you use them anywhere? You can easily use this type of gothic lamp in many other design schemes as long as you don’t overdo the other gothic elements in the room. However, a gothic lamp always will look best in a space that is decorated with gothic themes in mind.

No matter what type of room you’re looking to decorate, if you need an ornate lamp to help pull it all together, pick one of the gothic lamps from our list above. You’ll be able to bring home a good quality gothic lamp that will provide you with plenty of light and elegance at the same time, and you’ll improve the overall style of your gothic space as well. These gothic lamps are all durable, long-lasting, and sure to look great in just about any part of your home when you incorporate them into your decorating.

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