Gothic Mirror: Antique Arch Style Mirrors

Discover antique style arch mirrors in our gothic style mirror list.

Need a Gothic wall mirror with antique cathedral arch styling? Check out our options below!

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Our Top Gothic Wall Mirror Pick

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What are some benefits of using a Gothic mirror when decorating?

Is there more to a mirror than just working as an accent piece?

Can a Gothic wall mirror improve your indoor spaces?

No matter what style of Gothic mirror you choose for your indoor decorating, you can enjoy these great benefits from hanging it on your wall. However, if you’re looking for something you can use to stick to a gothic décor style, then don’t worry! There are plenty of beautiful mirrors out there for you to choose from.

Take a look at our Gothic mirror for wall list below to help you find some of the best gothic style mirrors on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a small and low-cost Gothic mirror or an elaborate and pricey Gothic mirror for wall, you can find the perfect Gothic mirror for your home in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started shopping for your new Gothic wall mirror!

Option #1

Alchemy Gothic Table Mirror

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If you need a Gothic wall mirror that won’t take up too much space, consider the [amazon link=”B076CDYQ8V” title=”Alchemy Gothic Table Mirror” /]. This option is made of resin and designed to look like it’s carved out of metal. This offer features delicate scrollwork as well as some more gothic-style elements, including a skull at the top of the frame. The mirror features a kickstand on the back as well as hanging options so you can use it as needed in your home.


  • The mirror is well-made and reflects nicely even though it is smaller.
  • The mirror is much more affordable than many others on our list.


  • The frame is not as durable as some other mirror options out there.
  • The mirror may be smaller than some customers anticipate when ordering, so be sure to pay

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Option #2

Design Toscano Gothic Dragon Mirrored Wall Sculpture

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When you want something a little more elaborate and intricate for your gothic style wall mirror, take a look at this [amazon link=”B0050EM2HK” title=”Design Toscano Gothic Dragon Mirrored Wall Sculpture” /]. This choice features shaped dragons that sit on either side of the mirror as well as a candleholder in the center to add to the overall gothic design. This option is made of crushed stone and resin combined to create a durable and long-lasting material.


  • This wall mirror is hand-finished so it’s more unique and carefully crafted than some others.
  • The wall mirror can hold either a tealight candle or a longer candle depending on your preferences.


  • Some wall mirror products may arrive with some breaks in the frame.
  • Some customers feel the glass portion of the wall mirror is low-quality.

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Option #3

Distressed White Farmhouse Cathedral Windowpane Wall Mirror

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If you prefer a subtler approach to Gothic wall mirrors, take a look at the [amazon link=”B07J5HK5TX” title=”Distressed White Farmhouse Cathedral Windowpane Wall Mirror” /]. This mirror offers gentle curves and cutouts to provide a gothic shape and style without overdoing it very much. This offer is big enough to function well without taking up a whole wall of your home, and it provides a great centerpiece to any room.


  • The wall mirror comes with two durable hangers to put it in place.
  • The wall mirror frame is made of solid real wood.


  • This wall mirror is very heavy and may be hard for some customers to hang.
  • The wall mirror product may arrive with some damage to the wood on rare occasions.

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Option #4

Kate and Laurel Mirabela Framed Wall Mirror

[amazon fields=”B075MRTZ3N” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

Choose between white and light brown finishes when you pick this [amazon link=”B075MRTZ3N” title=”Kate and Laurel Mirabela Framed Wall Mirror” /]. This choice features subtle scalloped designs and a windowpane shape that helps it fit squarely into a traditional gothic style.


  • This wall mirror is a good height for use in any bedroom or living room without taking up too much wall space.
  • The frame is made of wood and the wall mirror itself is made of real glass.


  • Some wall mirror products may arrive with cracks or damage to the wood in rare instances.
  • The white color may be a little more ivory than some wall mirror customers prefer.

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Option #5

Esschert Design USA Mirror

[amazon fields=”B003TEG8LY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

Available in both gray and white finishes, the [amazon link=”B003TEG8LY” title=”Esschert Design USA Mirror” /] is sure to make your gothic space come to life in no time. This mirror offers a gentler approach to the gothic style that can also be used in many other types of interior décor, including farmhouse designs.


  • The wall mirror frame is made of wood and is built to last a long time.
  • The wall mirror is durable but still light enough to hang fairly easily.


  • Some wall mirror customers may receive mirrors that are scratched badly on arrival.
  • Some wall mirror products may arrive totally broken, although this is rare.

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Option #6

Shabby Chic Distressed Wood White Wood Window Mirror

[amazon fields=”B01EK2O9R8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

This [amazon link=”B01EK2O9R8″ title=”Shabby Chic Distressed Wood White Wood Window Mirror” /] looks great in many different types of spaces, including gothic ones. This option is made of durable wood and real glass, and it is distressed for a weathered and worn finish. This is one of the tallest mirrors on our list.


  • This wall mirror can easily double for a farmhouse look or for many other styles as well.
  • The wall mirror is fitted with easy mounts that make hanging simple even though it is quite heavy.


  • The white wall mirror color may look a little more ivory or off-white in person.
  • The wall mirror product may be challenging for some customers to hang due to its weight.

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Option #7

Design Toscano Gothic Cathedral Arch Mirror

[amazon fields=”B007KD460K” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

Go with this [amazon link=”B007KD460K” title=”Design Toscano Gothic Cathedral Arch Mirror” /] for a more elaborate and extravagant take on your Gothic wall mirror. This offer features a distressed black wood frame with delicate carved shapes at the top to add to the overall sense of design.


  • Each of these mirrors is hand-finished to make it look more original and unique than some other wall mirrors on the market.
  • The wall mirror product is easy to hang despite its size and weight.


  • The wall mirror product does not come with the pictured candleholders.
  • This choice is very rarely, wall mirror products may arrive damaged.

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Here are a few benefits of mirror decorating:

  • Wall mirrors an make small spaces look bigger.
  • Wall mirrors can reflect light into darker rooms and spaces.
  • Wall mirrors can draw attention to certain parts of the room.


Did you find a great wall mirror for your home? Have you found something you can use to keep up with your gothic style? Are wall mirrors a big part of gothic design and décor? Wall mirrors are a popular way to decorate homes that have a gothic sense of style. They are important to gothic design and can look amazing in almost any space that utilizes other elements of this style, too. By picking one of the wall mirrors from the list above, you’ll be able to complete the look of any gothic room or provide a high-quality centerpiece that’s sure to turn heads.

There are many great Gothic wall mirrors you can choose from, and you only have to feel limited by your own imagination when it comes to using them in your home. Take your time considering the options listed above and you’re sure to pick the perfect new piece of home décor that you’ll want to enjoy looking at over and over again.

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