Gothic Vanity: Goth Dressing Table Mirror Vanities

See victorian 19th century style gothic makeup mirror vanities in our gothic dressing vanity table selection for bedroom or bathroom.

Need a Gothic vanity? See our black goth #vanity table picks below!

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Are you thinking of getting a new Gothic vanity?

Would you like to try a Gothic vanity to give your bedroom a “goth” look and feel?

Do you want to know more about the features of a Gothic vanity before you buy one?

If the gothic style is something you are trying to incorporate, you really need to check out this article now! One of the main reasons is that you can read detailed reviews of some of the best gothic vanity products that you can easily buy online, and compare their features, price range and pros and cons.

Also, we are talking a little more about gothic vanity tables in general. From what kind of gothic vanity styles you can look out for, to the material that will be used, to the overall look and feel and features, there is a lot we are sharing here with you today. And yes, don’t forget to check out more gothic vanity styles in the images we are sharing below.

5 Gorgeous Gothic Vanities You Can Buy Online

Option #1

Gothic Vanity Table with Oval Mirror

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[amazon link=”B0721PNY3D” title=”This gothic vanity in black features a makeup table, 4 drawers, one oval rotating mirror and a cushioned stool” /]. This option has an anti-tip belt design to secure it to the wall and uses 1.5 cm MDF board frame and hardwood legs to make it sturdy. The mirror is detachable and you can turn the gothic vanity into a writing desk too. Dimensions of table are 31.5 inches length X 15.7 inches width X 53.5 inches height and weighs 70 pounds.


  • Fits in small spaces.
  • This offer is easy to assemble.
  • Compact.
  • Enough storage.


  • Not the best size for a grownup.

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Option #2

Gothic Vanity Table Set with Mirror and Large Stool

This gothic vanity has a small oval mirror along with 2 large and 2 small drawers for ample storage. This choice is made of premium fibre-board gothic vanity tabletop as well as pinewood legs to make it stable and durable. This option also comes with a cushioned stool. The gothic vanity is dark brown with white detailing. Dimensions are 35.4 inches length X 15.7 inches width X 52.4 inches height and weighs 51.6 lbs.


  • This offer is very easy to put together.
  • Spacious.
  • Sturdy bench.
  • Perfect dimensions.
  • Colour compliments all décor.


  • Scratches easily.

Option #3

Black Gothic Vanity Set with Cushioned Stool

[amazon link=”B0721PNY3D” title=”This gothic vanity has three mirrors with folding options” /]. This choice features three spacious drawers, two small tabletop drawers, removable makeup organizer as well as hooks to hang up your neck pieces. This option comes with a cushioned stool with a lovely off-white design. The gothic vanity is made of superior quality MDF and solid wood legs to make it sturdy and durable. You can also remove the upper part of the mirror as well as the drawers and convert it into a writing desk if you want. This gothic vanity also features anti-toppling fittings that will hold it in place and prevent any accident. This offer also has anti-slippery bottom pads to prevent scratches on the floor as well as rounded gothic vanity table corners to keep you safe. Dimensions are 39.4 inches length X 19.7 inches width X 57.9 inches height.


  • Exactly as shown.
  • This choice is easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy.
  • Good quality.


  • Drawers not too spacious.

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Option #4

Tri Folding Oval Mirror Wooden Gothic Vanity Set with Stool in Black

[amazon fields=”B01M0UI66W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

[amazon link=”B01M0UI66W” title=”This gothic vanity features three mirrors, one big size and two smaller ones” /]. The mirrors can easily be removed and you can turn the vanity into a regular writing desk. The dark black gothic vanity has a table, 7 removable drawers with 2 small and 5 big ones, along with a soft cushioned stool. The bench seating is soft and moderately hard and is made out of a thick sponge pad to keep you comfortable. The gothic vanity is made of MDF and solid wood legs. Dimensions are 57.5 inches height X 35.5 inches width X 16 inches deep and weighs 60.2 pounds.


  • This option is easy to assemble.
  • Easy detaching.
  • Sturdy.


  • Not the best quality.

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Option #5

Gothic Vanity Set with Stool in Black

[amazon fields=”B005CWHY7I” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

[amazon link=”B005CWHY7I” title=”This gothic vanity in black has three rectangle mirrors along with 5 drawers” /] and a comfortable cushioned stool. The mirror is attached with moveable extensions. This gothic vanity is made of wood and fabric. Dimensions are 54 inches height X 43 inches width X 19 inches depth and weighs 75 lbs.


  • This offer is easy to assemble.
  • Suitable for girls and women.
  • Suitable for small spaces.


  • Not the best quality.

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Here’s what a gothic vanity looks like

Here are some really interesting pieces that can show you what a classic gothic vanity looks like:

Option #1

Classic dark black gothic vanity

The dark black gothic vanity immediately brings the gothic charm to life. This choice has floral designs on the edges while the legs are curvy.

Option #2

Single mirror gothic vanity

Even though it has just one mirror, it has the true gothic charm. The gothic vanity mirror moves up in an arch shape. The gothic vanity legs feature typical curved designs.

Option #3

Three mirrored gothic vanity

The three mirrors add more dimension to the overall look. This option has detailed intricate designs overall, including the handles on the gothic vanity drawer. This gothic vanity is dark black with curved legs.

Option #4

Gorgeous three mirror gothic vanity

This gothic vanity incorporates gothic and Victorian styles in one. This offer is dark black and gives the benefit of three mirrors. The handles on the gothic vanity drawers are silver, which is another gothic colour.

Option #5

Black and silver gothic vanity

This gothic vanity has a single mirror that moves up in an arch. This choice has silver detailing all along the body, as well as on the drawers. Floral and geometric gothic vanity patterns give it a gothic look with a modern touch.

Option #6

Simple gothic vanity

This gothic vanity has one oval mirror with supporting designs on the side. This option has a matte black finish and features floral gothic vanity designs.

Option #7

Oval mirror gothic vanity

The long oval gothic vanity mirror takes centre-stage here. This offer has tall supports on the side. The overall gothic vanity look is dark black matte.

What is a Gothic vanity and what is it used for?

A vanity (in this case a makeup gothic vanity) is a type of furniture that incorporates a mirror as well as other functional pieces.

  • It is used to help you do your makeup or grooming routine while also giving you space to store the required products.
  • It helps to free up wall space by acting as floor furniture.

How do you identify a gothic vanity?

While most vanity tables will look almost the same and will solve the same purpose, a gothic vanity will essentially have some unique elements that can categorize it as being gothic.

3 essential things to look for in a gothic vanity

  1. 1When buying a gothic vanity, look for a combination of drawers in varying sizes.
  2. 2Go for multiple gothic vanity mirrors instead of just one.
  3. 3Classic gothic vanity furniture will have dark black, dark brown or deep burgundy or purple tones. Stick to those!

Based on your personal preferences, there is a lot of style and variation in gothic vanity tables that you can choose from. Pick a gothic vanity that you love and enjoy living the classic style in today’s modern times!

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