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Pick up 19th century goth blanket wall art in our gothic wall tapestries list.

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Are you looking for some interesting gothic tapestries to style up your home?

If you are interested in gothic art, and are looking for something fun to do in your home that can significantly create a décor look, then gothic tapestries could just be the thing for you. But if you have never tried them out, or would like to know more about which ones to go for, then this article can help.

Today, we are taking a look at what tapestries are and how they can be used. We also do a detailed review of 8 of the best tapestries that you can buy on Amazon. We will give you a price range for each, as well as tell you about their features and pros and cons as shared by real users. So, if this sounds like a cool look for your home, read on to find your best pick!

8 Gothic Tapestries You Can Order Online Today:

Option #1

Jeteven Polyester Hanging Tapestry

[amazon fields=”B075WWRRZV” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

​[amazon link=”B075WWRRZV” title=”This tapestry can be used as a bedspread” /], as a wall hanging or decoration, as a tablecloth, curtain, sun screen on the window, or pretty much any way that you want to show it off in the house. This choice is a psychedelic altar cloth with a clear print. The colours are vivid and suitable for any season. The Ouija blanket is made with polyester fibre and is skin-friendly and durable. This can be washed in the machine and is easy to clean. This option also comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. Dimensions are 165 cm X 148 cm.


  • ​Very big size.
  • ​Very detailed design.
  • ​Soft material.
  • ​Does not wrinkle much.


  • ​Measurements do not match.

[amazon fields=”B075WWRRZV” value=”button” ]

Option #2

TOMPOP Tapestry Black Cat Head Round Portrait Mandala Moon Pentagram

[amazon fields=”B07DH895MY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

[amazon link=”B07DH895MY” title=”This tapestry” /] is made of polyester and is skin-friendly as well as durable. This offer has detailed sewing and a creative design that offer an interesting addition to any interior design look. This choice can be used as a wall hanging, as a bed spread, on the sofa, as a tablecloth or anything you desire. To maintain its design and look, dry clean or wash in cold water and do not use chlorine bleach. Dimensions are 150 cm X 200 cm.


  • ​Perfect size.
  • ​Exact match as shown in description.
  • ​Multi-use.
  • ​Easy wash.


  • ​None as yet.

[amazon fields=”B07DH895MY” value=”button” ]

Option #3

raajsee Crying Wolf and Moon Tapestry

[amazon fields=”B01MRKOXZB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

​[amazon link=”B01MRKOXZB” title=”This tapestry is made of 100 percent cotton and can be used as a wall hanging” /], on the bedding, as a table cloth, yoga mat, ceiling décor, room divider, window curtain or any other home décor use you want to put it to. This option needs to be dry cleaned or washed in cold water. Avoid hard detergent or bleach. Dimensions are 140 cm X 220 cm.


  • ​Interesting design.
  • ​Good fit.
  • ​Nice quality fabric.
  • ​Picture looks exactly as shown.


  • ​Colour fades.

[amazon fields=”B01MRKOXZB” value=”button” ]

Option #4

Emvency Tapestry Pentagram with Demon Baphomet Satanic Goat Head Binary Symbol Tattoo Retro Music Summer for Biker Black Home Decor

[amazon fields=”B07D7Z47WN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

​[amazon link=”B07D7Z47WN” title=”This tapestry is made of polyester and is skin-friendly and durable” /]. This offer has detailed sewing and features a creative design. This choice can be used as a wall hanging, sofa cover, on the bed or any way in your room. Dry clean or wash in cold water, do not use bleach. Dimensions are 130 cm X 150 cm.


  • ​Interesting design.
  • ​Adds a dark gothic feel to the room.
  • ​Not pixelated.
  • ​Great quality.


  • ​None as yet.

[amazon fields=”B07D7Z47WN” value=”button” ]

Option #5

Ambesonne Zombie Decor Tapestry, Scary Dead Woman with Bloody Axe Evil Fantasy Gothic Mystery Halloween Picture

[amazon fields=”B073XPRR1H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

​[amazon link=”B073XPRR1H” title=”This tapestry is made of lightweight fabric” /] and comes with hand-sewn and finished edges. The material is 100 percent high quality polyester silky satin blend. The design features vivid colours and crisp lines to add a silky soft yet elegant look. This option features bold graphics that are printed using digital art print technology. Dimensions are 80 inches X 60 inches.


  • ​One sided print.
  • ​Seams fold over the edges.
  • ​Rich colours.
  • ​Clear image.


  • ​Not good quality.

[amazon fields=”B073XPRR1H” value=”button” ]

Option #6

Didihou Faux Brick Print Wall Tapestry Gothic Hippie Mandala Tapestries

[amazon fields=”B078PJSP1P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

​[amazon link=”B078PJSP1P” title=”This tapestry is made of polyester” /] and is durable and skin-friendly. You can use it as a wall hanging, bed cover, table cloth, room divider, curtain, or any way you want to use it in the room. Dry clean it or wash in cold water, avoid using bleach. Dimensions are 78 inches X 59 inches.


  • ​Colour and fabric quality are good.
  • ​Good border stitch for durability.


  • ​Brick pattern looks very fake.

[amazon fields=”B078PJSP1P” value=”button” ]

Option #7

BLEUM CADE Tarot Tapestry The Moon The Star The Sun Tapestry Medieval Europe Divination Tapestry Home Decor

[amazon fields=”B07CVX949H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

​[amazon link=”B07CVX949H” title=”This tapestry originates from tarot cards” /] to add a mysterious and spiritual element to the room. You can use it as bedspread, wall hanging, tablecloth or anything in the room. This offer is made of micro-fibre peach. Dimensions are 51 inches X 59 inches. Other size options are also available.


  • ​Huge size.
  • ​Good quality.
  • ​Very clear print.
  • ​Easy to iron.


  • ​Proportions don’t match.

[amazon fields=”B07CVX949H” value=”button” ]

Option #8

VaryHome Tapestry Black Celtic Viking Design Magical Runic Compass Vegvisir in the Circle of Norse Runes and Dragons Tattoo Home Decor

[amazon fields=”B07D7ZZ1Z7″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_]

​[amazon link=”B07D7ZZ1Z7″ title=”This tapestry is made of polyester and is durable and skin-friendly” /]. This choice can be used as a wall hanging, tablecloth, bed spread, sofa cover or any other room décor. Dry clean or wash in cold water and do not use bleach. This option has a detailed sewing design. Dimensions are 150 cm X 200 cm.


  • ​Huge fit.
  • ​Great material.
  • ​Durable.


  • ​Stretched image.

[amazon fields=”B07D7ZZ1Z7″ value=”button” ]

What is a tapestry? What’s the best way to use one?

  • ​A tapestry refers to a thick textile fabric that has pictures or some designs on it.
  • ​These are usually made by weaving coloured threads that help to create a picture, or by doing embroidery on canvas.
  • ​Tapestries are mainly used as decorative items and in most cases, are placed on a wall as a wall hanging.
  • ​In some cases, these can also be used as soft furnishing pieces.

Are tapestries a common part of gothic decor?

  • ​Tapestry art started getting popular in Europe during the middle ages, and it also coincided with the growth of Gothic art.
  • ​One of the oldest preserved wall tapestries that is directly associated with Gothic art is the one that dates to around 1020. This was woven in medieval Europe and is known as the ‘Cloth of Saint Gereon.’
  • ​It is a wool tapestry that consists of seven colours and was made for the Church of St. Gereon at Cologne, Germany.
  • ​Many other examples also exist, such as the Renaissance era Brussels tapestry as seen in the work of Flemish painter Bernard van Orley, who combined Gothic realism in his various art forms, including tapestries.

If you are looking forward to add some Gothic elements in your home décor through tapestries, there are different ways you can play with it. You can hang them on your wall or use in your upholstery, such as by using it on your pillows, curtains and so on.

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