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Finding goth boy names isn’t too hard. Whether you’re looking for a name for your pet or child, or you just want to pick a stage or screen name for yourself, there are plenty to choose from.

Read on to find some of the best gothic male names around!

1. Astaroth

This name comes from Biblical origins and was used to describe idols, specifically from the Phoenicians. It has since come to mean a certain kind of male demon, although its origins were related more closely to female goddesses.

2. Alfonzo

This name comes from the VIsigoth word for noble, but it is also related to a word that meant battle in the same language. It has been used as the name of several kings throughout history. The name can also be spelled as Alfonso, with the same meanings.

3. Blaise

This name comes from a Latin word that meant lisp, and it has been held by several famous people throughout history. It is pronounced almost like the word “blaze,” which makes it popular choice as a name among goths who want a more unique twist in their naming options.

4. Bram

This name is short for Abraham. The name Abraham means “father of many” and can be traced back to Hebrew origins. Abraham was the name of a Biblical figure who is recognized as the founder of both the Hebrew and Muslim religions. However, from a goth standpoint, the name Bram is the first name of Bram Stoker, the author known for writing the original Dracula novel.

5. Damien

Also spelled Damian, this name means tame. It was held by many saints and is a well-known and common name. However, this name is meaningful to goths because of its associations with horror and evil through the film The Omen, in which it was the name of the antichrist.

6. Dexter

This name can be traced back to a Latin origin and means skilled. Modern goths may choose this name because of its association with the TV series of the same name, in which the character Dexter Morgan is a serial killer and forensic detective.

7. Draco

The name comes from the Greek word drakon, meaning dragon. It is the name of a constellation and has been held by some important figures in history too. The name was popularized through the Harry Potter franchise as the name of Harry’s rival, and is therefore often associated with mystery and darkness as a result.

8. Draven

This name was made up as a last name for the main character of the 1990s film The Crow. In this film, Eric Draven is murdered and annually comes back from the dead to avenge crimes. His character design and style are both extremely 90s goth, which makes this name a good choice.

9. Edgar

This name means both fortune and spear. Although it was an uncommon name long ago, it came back into favor when it was used as a name for a character in an 18th century novel. Edgar Allen Poe is the most notable person with this name, and he is what makes this name so goth.

10. Gabriel

This name means “God is my hero.” Gabriel is known for being an archangel in the Bible and is the angel who tells Mary she is going to give birth to the baby Jesus. Goths who like to subvert religious tropes may enjoy using this name.

11. Gray

This name means the same as the color gray. It has several uses, but as a goth name, it may be given simply because of the color association. It may also be a reference to the story The Picture of Dorian Gray, written by Oscar Wilde.

12. Hunter

This name means the same as the word “hunter”—someone who tracks and kills animals, either for sport or for sustenance. The name Hunter may work well for goths who want to tie themselves to werewolves, vampires, or other dark and mysterious mythological creatures without being too obvious about it.

13. Kalon

Kalon is a very uncommon name which may come from an ancient Greek word meaning beautiful. However, there is no specific meaning for this name, and its association with goth culture may be tenuous. It is a great choice, though, if you’re looking for a unique name that isn’t going to be shared by others very often.

14. Lucien

From the Roman last name Lucianus, this name may be associated with the Latin word for light. Spelled Lucian, this name is shared with one of the werewolf characters in the Underworld movie franchise, which makes it a good choice for goth purposes.

15. Malachi

This name comes from a Hebrew word that means messenger or angel. It is used as a name for a character in the horror film Children of the Corn, as well as a character name in The Vampire Diaries. Both of these associations make it a good goth option.

16. Oberon

The name can be traced back to the name Alberich, which means ruler of elves. Oberon was the name of the fairy king in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and this name is also given to one of the moons of Uranus. Choose this name if you want to be goth and literary at the same time.

17. Reznor

Trent Reznor is the lead singer and songwriter for the band Nine Inch Nails, which is known for being a major contributing group in the 1980s and 1990s goth and grunge scene. The last name Reznor has been used as a first name for goth kids periodically since then.

18. Silas

This name can be traced back to the Roman name Silvanus, which means forest. The name Silvanus is associated with the god of forests and nature in Roman mythology. This god is sometimes named interchangeably with Faunus, a horned god, which gives him some distant association with Satan as well.

19. Thorne

From the word “thorn,” which is a sharp growth on a plant. The name Thorne can be associated with fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, or it may stand on its own as a name that evokes the idea of sharpness and defense. Either way, it can fit in well for goth uses.

20. Wolf

This name has the same meaning as the word wolf, which is an animal related to dogs. It may also be a nickname for any Germanic name that begins with wolf or wulf, which are both common in Germanic naming conventions. The association with both werewolves and traditional Viking names gives this name a good, solid goth foundation.


How common are goth names for boys? They’re very common, and you might be surprised how often you’ll encounter children and pets both with goth boy names.

What should you consider before choosing a goth name for a boy? Think about the name itself and what it means. Do you want to name your child or pet something associated with demons or Satan? Or does this not bother you at all? Consider the spelling and pronunciation as well to help you choose.

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