Goth Maternity Clothes

Wear goth-inspired pregnancy fashion attire in our maternity goth-girl clothes and dresses list. see outfits and apparel for nursing goths.

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Are you expecting?

Are you goth?

Can you really still showcase your goth side while you’re pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, it may seem difficult to let your inner goth show. However, it’s not impossible, and there are plenty of great ways to keep things goth throughout your pregnancy. One of the best ways to do this is to wear maternity clothes with a goth flair.

Read on to find some excellent goth maternity clothes ideas and inspiration to help you get started.

1. Punk Goth Maternity

This sleeveless dress features a sweetheart neckline and a high waistline. It includes a sheer black lace overlay and has a comfortable, flowing style. The dress is paired with black bracelets and rings, and the style is finished with purposefully ripped black stockings.

2. Mesh Goth

This style incorporates a plain black minidress with mesh long sleeves for a punk/goth aesthetic. It is finished with fishnet stockings and a black streak in the hair.

3. Pastel Goth

This outfit includes a simple black goth dress with a skull-print waistband. It is paired with pastel goth hair in shades of purple and pink and finished with a black hairbow.

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4. Witchy Goth

This witchy goth outfit includes a black short-sleeved dress with slits in the skirt and a gathered neckline. The dress is paired with black tights and a pair of pointed witch shoes with large buckles on top. The style is finished with goth makeup and a goth hairstyle.

5. Pregnant Goth Skirt

This outfit includes a floor-length black skirt with plenty of ruffles at the hem. The skirt is paired with a long-sleeved crop top that includes a plunging neckline and peekaboo shoulders. This outfit exposes the midriff, giving the wearer a chance to show off her pregnant belly while letting her goth side show too.

6. Basic Black Maternity Dress

This dress is simple but very effective when it comes to setting up a goth style. The dress is sleeveless and knee-length with plenty of room to move around comfortably. It is paired with some strappy heels and subtle goth makeup as well as bright red hair.

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7. Maternity Alternative

This black dress is thigh-length and features a drop hem with a ruffled finish. It includes three-quarter sleeves and a plunging v-neckline which is finished with a lacy tie. The dress is paired with a black fascinator that includes some silver colored design features to tie the style together.

8. Skull Maternity

This sleeveless white dress features a simple scoop neck and skater style skirt. It includes black skulls in a repeating pattern across the whole dress, and it is tied with a black ribbon around the waistline. The dress is paired with a black choker and some black bracelets as well.

8. Spider Maternity

This simple dress features t-shirt style sleeves and a loose, flowing style that keeps you cool and comfortable. It includes three white buttons and a wide lapel collar. The collar is decorated with images of black spiders on both lapels, and the dress is perfectly paired with black goth makeup.

10. Goth Pregnancy Outfit

This knee-length dress works great for vampire goths. It includes a corset-style top with a cutout design at the top of the bust, and it is paired with a black bag with silver-colored metal design elements. The style is rounded out with deep red and black goth makeup.

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11. Street Goth Maternity

Keep things casual and comfortable with this everyday outfit. The style includes a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it. The jacket includes silver-colored metal hardware that helps it remain as goth as possible. Although this style is simple, it is very goth and can be combined with goth accessories too.

12. Goth Maternity Miniskirt

This outfit includes a miniskirt in solid black which is paired with a studded black leather jacket. This casual goth style is finished with a pair of sneakers and black socks, and the woman in the image is also incorporating her black sunglasses into the look.

13. Lacy Goth Maternity

This black crochet dress includes plenty of lace elements, which helps it fit well into a goth style. The dress itself its opaque, but it includes sheer black lace at the chest and sleeves. The style is a simple one, but it works well for goth maternity needs.

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14. Sheer Overlay

This sheer overlay dress is solid black and can be paired with many styles underneath it. In this image, it is paired with a black sports bra top and black leggings. The style also includes a black cross necklace and a black handbag as well as a wide-brimmed black hat.

15. Vampire Goth Maternity

This style uses a long maternity shirt with a goth image on the front. From there, the style involves dressing up the shirt with goth necklaces, goth nails, and the perfect vampire goth makeup. The look is rounded out through the long, straight, black hair that fits well into a goth style too.

18. Pleated Grommet Skirt

This maternity skirt is pleated and hangs to knee-length. The pleats are lined with metal grommets that keep things decidedly goth throughout the style. It is paired with a solid black top with peasant sleeves and is dressed up with goth makeup for a finishing touch.

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17. Alternative Fashion Maternity

This style starts with a simple black bodycon maternity dress. The dress is knee-length and sleeveless, and it is paired with a solid black shrug with a choker-style collar. The shrug includes metal grommets for a hint of the goth aesthetic, and the dress is paired with plain black heels.

18. Shirt Dress Maternity

This solid black shirt dress is another great method of showcasing your inner goth while you’re pregnant. The dress buttons all the way down the front and can be paired with tights, leggings, shorts, or just about any other bottoms you like. The high white collar gives it a Wednesday Addams touch.

19. Black Goth Maternity Dress

This black maternity dress works great for both punk and goth styles. It features an empire waistline and a sleeveless style with a small amount of metal hardware on the straps. The skirt is a racer style, which keeps it flowing and comfortable for your maternity clothing needs.

20. Simple Maternity

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This basic outfit utilizes a solid black maternity dress with a loose, shift-style silhouette. The dress is paired with flat Mary Janes and the style is finished with flaming red hair and matching bright red lipstick. Overall, this is a very classic goth style that can be dressed up or down with accessories as needed.

21. All Black Maternity

This style incorporates plenty of stretchy and comfy fabrics in solid black to create a goth look. The outfit is finished with a lightweight black sweater duster, which can be tied at any width necessary depending on the size of your pregnancy belly.


Here are a few tips to help you stay comfortable as you show off your goth side while you’re pregnant:

  • Choose comfy shoes. When dealing with swollen ankles, there’s no need to try to wear chunky platforms (and it might be dangerous).
  • Stretchy is best! Stretchy materials will be more comfortable and easier for you to wear.
  • Dress in layers. This way, if your temperature fluctuates, you can adjust accordingly.

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