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Sleep like the undead in this super comfy coffin bed!

Have you ever found yourself looking at coffins for sale and then start to get a bit sleepy? Worry not my vampiric friend for there is more to life than just the succulent taste of warm, living human blood; and what I do mean is a good night’s sleep! …or good day’s sleep for that matter… Whatever the case, this creepy as hell Nicodemus coffin bed will lull any eternal undead to a peaceful slumber, all while creeping out of your flatmates.

Now if you want to become a vampire, vampire history will tell you straight out that it’s probably not a great idea. I mean, it looks awesome when you’re hanging out with eternal Brad Pitt and eternal Tom Cruise… well, maybe not Tom… but let’s be honest. Sleeping in a real-life coffin is probably the next best thing! So, quit wasting time and check out this wonderful addition to your bedroom by clicking the link below and live gothic today!

Unfortunately, the coffin bed originally featured in this post has been out of stock for a while now.

There are actually real coffins available, but I wouldn't suggest sleeping in one of them:

[amazon bestseller="Overnight Caskets" items=3 grid=3 button=none]

And perhaps you have a pet that might appreciate a goth coffin bed? ;-) Thankfully, there are some options available:

[amazon box="B0BDHXLXXF" template description_items=3 description_length=115]

Hopefully, the original coffin bed we featured will come back sooner or later. In the meantime though, the search continues.

UPDATE: LELZ I just gotta let you guys in on this… I can’t believe how many people have reviewed this thing! There are WAAAY too many coffin bed user reviews. and I almost fell over reading some of these too… Check them out when you have the time!

This coffin bed will make even some of your saddest moments super efficient! Buy a brand new coffin bed today!

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7 thoughts on “Super Soft and Comfy Coffin Bed –”

  1. That is the most craziest thing i’ve read in awhile on the web, these comments on the coffin bed are just sooo funny. I mean i love the strange and unusual, but how often do you really come across people really sleeping in one of these other then the true death?? It makes you wonder really….

    • Tell me about it! I almost “died” laughing at the Amazon reviews myself… LOL at the terrible pun and that one comment about not being able to find coffin-sized bed sheets!

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  3. Are the coffin beds going to be back in stock, I am super interested in getting one. Please email me about this subject, I am looking forward to the reply.

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