Goth Ninja


What is a goth ninja?

Is this the same as a street goth?

Is the style different from traditional or standard goth looks?

A goth ninja is the same as a street goth. Other names this subculture uses include Avant-garde goth, streetwear goth, and dark goth. The styles included in this goth flavor are dark and draping with lots of flowing lines, but they also incorporate some modern themes as well.

This is a relatively new take on the goth scene and can only be traced back to about 2010. Even so, it remains a popular choice for modern goths. Check out the pictures below to find out more.

1. Fantasy Goth Ninja

This style has a little bit more of a fantasy twist than some others listed here. It includes lots of leather and a variety of layers to create a look that blends the old-fashioned with the modern and technical. The style is finished with a high neckline and a mask.

2. Straight Lines and Angles

This style keeps things flowing through the use of its straight lines and angles. The outfit consists of a long black poncho with an asymmetrical hem and a high cowl collar, a long-sleeved black undershirt, and a black pair of pants. It is finished with some simple black boots to complete the look.

3. Witch Ninja

Combine the witch goth and ninja goth styles to create this look. The style includes an asymmetrical poncho with a high cowl neckline that is worn over an ankle-length black dress with a high slit side. The style is completed with black tights and slouchy black boots.

4. Flare Pants

This look includes a long-sleeved black sweater with a thumb hole in the sleeves and a pair of impressive black flare pants. It is finished with a large black scarf worn high over the wearer’s mouth and nose, and topped off with a black bag.

5. Toned Down

This outfit proves that you can wear goth ninja styles and style go under the radar of all but the most trained goth eyes. The outfit includes tight leggings worn with a short black shirtdress and a black jacket. It is finished with a black scarf and a pair of black boots.

6. Beginner Goth Ninja

As a beginner to the style, you may want to keep things as simple as you can. This outfit, which combines a pair of black pants and a long-sleeved black shirt with a hood, makes it easy to get started enjoying your new subculture.

7. Modern Techwear

Pair a simple black sweater undershirt with a black hoodie for a casual goth ninja style perfect for everyday wear. This outfit also includes a pair of cargo pants that are worn baggy but tucked into the knee-high combat boots that make up the rest of the look. The wearer also has a black mask.

8. Fringed Hems

This outfit includes  double-breasted overcoat with an asymmetrical closure and a fringed hemline at the wearer’s thighs. It is paired with tall, wide lapels and a black mask, and the style is finished with skinny black pants and a pair of chunky black shoes with plenty of buckles.

9. Masked and Stylish

This outfit incudes a pair of baggy pants and knee-high boots worn with an asymmetrical zipper coat and hood. The style is completed with a black mask worn over the lower half of the models’ face as well as a pair of black fingerless gloves.

10. Jogger Pants

With this outfit, you can combine a simple sweater and jogger pants to create the ideal goth ninja look. The outfit includes a sweater with an oversized neck and cowl hood as well as unzipped combat boots to complete the style. The jogger pants are worn rolled up to the top of the boots.

11. Statement Sleeves

Make a statement everyone is sure to notice with this style and its sleeves. The style includes a black robe with a crossover belt tied in front and a long skirt hem worn over a pair of black pants. It also features sleeves that drape all the way down to the wearer’s calves.

12. Flowing Lines

This outfit includes many flowing lines that draw the eye throughout the look. The hood and asymmetrical closure of the coat bring the eye down to the oversized unzipped shoes.

13. Layers and Textures

This style combines several layers and fabric textures to create a solid goth ninja look from start to finish. The outfit starts with a long, loose scarf that can be worn down around the neck or up over the head as a cowl. It continues into a loose, baggy shirt and then onward to an apron skirt with an intricate pattern. It is finished with a pair of black pants.

14. Casual Ninja

This style pairs a white undershirt with a pair of gray technical pants and a chunky pair of combat style boots. It is finished with a hooded coat that comes down to the knees and includes plenty of extra hood space to fully cover the wearer’s head and face if needed.

15. Simple and Hooded

This style combines the simplicity of a black shirt and black pants with the statement of a large hood. The hood is pinned so that only the eyes of the wearer show. The wearer also has a black bodysuit on underneath the style, covering even the hands.

16. Wide Cowl

This style begins with an all-black shirt and pants combination and a tall pair of shiny black leather boots. This simple base is accented by a wide gray cowl that is worn over the head like a hood and draped down the front of the wearer.

17. Eerie Ninja Goth

This style gives the wearer a chance to come across as eerie and edgy without deviating too far from the goth ninja style. The outfit includes a black undershirt with a hooded black jacket and a pair of black pants. A few traditional goth elements, such as silver chains, are also present.

18. Monk Inspired

This goth ninja look has a flair that is reminiscent of traditional monks, but with a much more modern and casual touch. The outfit includes a simple black undershirt and an open black button-down. It is finished with a black skirt style bottom and a pair of black sandals to keep things minimal.

19. Simple Goth Ninja

This is a basic goth ninja outfit that showcases just how easy it is to put together these looks. The outfit includes a black undershirt, a thick black coat with high lapels and an asymmetrical hemline, and a pair of black pants. It is finished with black combat style boots.

20. Dark Fashion

This outfit consists of a hooded shirt with an extra-tall cowl neck that is worn with a thick wool jacket over it. The layers in this outfit are simple ones, but they combine to create a heavy, dark, and brooding style.


Here are some signs that might help you decide whether or not the goth ninja subculture is right for you:

  • You like tech and tactical styles.
  • You enjoy hoods, cowls, and drapes.
  • You consider yourself a modern goth but don’t enjoy the most common modern goth styles.
  • You like to come across as edgy.

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