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Gothic Decor is a showcase of some of the best Gothic items available online today. We scour the web looking for awesome additions to our site, so that you can find these devilish rarities in one convenient stop–GothicDecor.net.

Aside from the occasional recreational post here and there, all the products we feature are sold by other sites and vendors online. We do, however, receive a commission from many of the products we feature! So please feel free to grab a few items here and there and maybe the Dark Lord will reward you for your Goth-to-another-Goth act of kindness.

We will post as many cool Gothic products as the web will throw at us, so please be sure to come back for a return visit every now and then!

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3 thoughts on “About Gothic Decor”

  1. Im looking for a Queen /Dubble bed withthe gothic look an soft an cpused on the inside for Me an my Boyfriend plz text or call me thanx :)

    • Ei Teejayy! I think you gave me a great idea for another post… ;-) Gothic beds rule! And yes, I wouldn’t mind textin’ ya… just make sure your boyfriend ain’t around. I’m still a Goth on the prowl!

  2. I invented a new extended chess game with many more pieces and a very offensive playing setup. Can you tell me some producers? To Send my plans and details? Any chance you want to feature my game and start a preorder or gather people interested to play it?

    The board is 9 rows of pawns for each player, with 10 rows seperating the players legions and courts.
    it has a back line court of 1 faery of despair, 11 Elvin, 3 main courtisanes. 1 emperor, the 1 EMpress and 2 two Courtisans, the 11 Vempires, and 1 Vempire of melancholy.
    That is 9 13 9
    on 1 11 3 1 3 11 1 = 31

    The bishops in the first line move diagonally according to height. The middle one is strongest and can take out pieces instantly. The satyricon piece goes any direction full forward to any length and can even leap over pawns. In the second line. The Seth piece can move five times and take one such leap and even move over pawns. The Burzum piece can take the Mayhem piece on its own field. The Carpathian Forest piece can take two steps in any direction. The angels and shields or boulders move together forward, you can take bishops and soldiers by moving the shield or boulder forward one or diaginally one. Then you looze protection of course of your angel that can be hit by an arrow, the arrows of course as i numerous times explained are launched by defending and attacking forward the two towers left and right next to the boulders or shields. They need to be attacked five times before they fall and you need to sacrifice pieces to do it. If you have fallen any king of the courts behind all this setting, you see his entire legion and court suicidal and all the pawns go off the board. Next are the artists, don’t kill the artists. The faery to the way left side of the emperor is already dead, you can not kill it and it can only go one space, it can not take other pawns, in any case it could block the emperors fall one space if it arrives in time. The Vempire of Melancholy is immortal. It is left even as the emperor has fallen.Left to a melancholic existence. Wondering without a purpose. To the left are the Elvin, to the right of the center court of the Emperor the vampires. Elvin go straight forward any length killing anything in their path, exept they can not kill their own. Or distance and can not come backwards. Vampires go diagonally any space and go over pieces if they want..The Shieldmaiden piece moves one step with the emperor so they both get displace and stay in bordering fields, unless the emperor is checked, the Empress can do one step. The Angel of Loveless is a scout, it will need to roam and come back to the emperor but can not take pieces..The shieldmaiden can take pieces in her vicinity and move on space back so it can hop to one side of a bordering piece and instantly come back to her spot or any bordering the king with one bordering square.


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